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The healthcare industry in Germany is facing major challenges. Demographic change and the digital transformation are causing a major reshuffle in supply and demand. This means there's a lot of potential for companies and healthcare facilities that know how to exploit these trends for themselves. One of the most urgent problems for the health market in Germany is the lack of qualified specialists. Especially in the field of recruitment services, healthcare institutions can already invest in the specialists that are so urgently needed to survive in a changing market. Hays helps you to fill even the most demanding job tenders.

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With 250 offices in over 30 countries, Hays has been a market leader in recruitment services for 15 years. This puts us in an ideal position to provide customers and candidates with both a comprehensive global network and regional expertise. In terms of your healthcare business, this means we think globally to meet your local requirements. We proactively recruit German-speaking medical and nursing professionals worldwide who also possess the required qualifications. We're already working today to meet the healthcare trends of tomorrow. Anyone working in the healthcare sector must have access to competent, experienced personnel for urgently needed work. Hays can provide you with the specialists you need for your healthcare facilities. Our customers include notable companies such as Bayer AG as well as Fresenius SE and the Arbeitgeberverband Pflege e.V. (Care Sector Employers' Association).

Our experts in the healthcare sector will provide you with competent and detailed advice thanks to their excellent knowledge of the industry and the markets. Our recruitment process is highly focused on personal interviews. We align the strengths and competencies of candidates with the needs of companies. This enables us to live up to our claim that the performance of our candidates corresponds to the requirements of your company. We do this so that we can offer our companies flexible and reliable solutions for their recruitment needs and in turn provide our experts with roles that suit their skills and experience. Get in touch with us and find out what we can do for your company!

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Trends and challenges in the healthcare industry

For the healthcare sector in particular, the lack of qualified personnel is the greatest single threat to the business activities of most companies. The healthcare sector and its related industries are faced with the challenge of coping with technological change and the needs of an ageing society using a pool of professionals that is globally being courted to deal with the situation. Not only successful recruitment, but also optimally filling vacancies and avoiding poor staffing choices are critical factors in keeping healthcare facilities efficient and competitive.

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