Hays forum 2019

(Video in German, Duration 01:08)

Lars Vollmer has something to say. And when he speaks, people listen. This is because his criticisms are to the point, his theses are relevant and his ideas inspire people.

And the thing that drives him is progress – societal as well as individual. For Vollmer, clarifying grievances and their causes has almost become a reflex. He doesn't mince words, whether on stage as a speaker or in his various publications, such as the economics bestseller "Back to Work" (2016).

His years of experience as an entrepreneur have helped him gain such a profound understanding of our economy and society that his opinions are as necessary as they are far-sighted.

After making his mark in business, the engineer and honorary professor of the Leibniz University of Hannover is increasingly providing socio-political impetus in a number of areas. In doing so, he not only speaks from the soul to many people around the world, but also always provides substantial reasoning models and ideas for solutions for a more modern, enlightened and progressive society.

Born in 1971, Lars Vollmer is the founder of the Intrinsify think tank, the largest German-speaking network for the new world of work and modern corporate governance. He lives in Barcelona, is a passionate jazz pianist and music connoisseur, loves puns, simple, unpretentious design and good coffee.

His latest book "Don't Cast Your Vote – Why Our Country Has Become Ungovernable" was published by IntrinsifyVerlag in 2019.