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for statements of work and Managed Services in IT

  • Markus Müller,
  • Sales Manager
  • Nuremberg office
  • Region: Nuremberg
Markus Müller

After completing my Bachelor’s degree at the technical university of Nuremberg (business management), the Leeds Metropolitan University in England (international business) and internships in the automotive industry in German and Asia, I can look back on over eight years of work experience in automotive services.

During this time, I worked as a development engineer and lead engineer in the electronics development for infotainment systems at a large development service provider in Ingolstadt for various OEMs in the project. I was also responsible for different trades and oversaw an engineering team.

As a project manager and branch office manager for a quality service provider, I was also responsible for various profit centres with up to 25 employees in the south of Germany where I drove the set-up and expansion of the engineering/quality management project business.


If you are interested in a highly effective trade partner, enabling you to focus on your core business, I look forward to hearing from you..

  • Tristan Glinka,
  • Sales Manager
  • Stuttgart office
  • Region: Stuttgart
Tristan Glinka

Prior to studying in the US and Germany, I had strong ties with the automotive industry. During my training at a car dealership, I clearly inhaled enough petrol to keep faith with the world of mobility after I returned from Pennsylvania. After many years at a leading database and systems provider for global automotive data, I focused on the commercial vehicle industry where I was in charge of selling lorry trailer hitches and sliding roof systems across large parts of Europe and the US. Since 2011 I have been responsible for E/E (electrics/electronics), construction and quality at leading development service providers. The technical expertise I acquired enables me to see things from our clients' perspective, and I see it as my strong point to connect topics with the right people and guide them to a solution, achieving results that deliver a win-win scenario. Because that is something you always have to consider in sales: today’s happy customer is tomorrow’s repeat business.


• 1996–2012: R.L. Polk, Ringfeder (VBG), EOS

• 2012-2015: Head of E/E Böblingen EDAG

• 2015–2017: Senior Sales Manager Formula D

• 2017–2019: Director Operations Formula D

• 2019–2020: Head of Business Development Silberform AG

• Since October 2020: Sales Manager HTSG

  • Daniela Beller,
  • Sales Manager
  • Stuttgart office
  • Region: Stuttgart
Daniela Beller

After having completed my studies in business administration at a university of applied sciences specialised in technology, I joined Hays as a recruiter in 2012, where I have gained two years of experience in staffing various engineering positions.

Afterwards, I started to support customers and assisted an automotive manufacturer in Stuttgart in staffing temporary positions. I have been interested in our statement of work business from the very beginning as I think it involves many opportunities and possibilities for us and our customers. After having collected two years of managerial experience in the temporary employment area, it was thus a logical step for me to take over a sales manager's position in the field of statement of work in order to strategically develop and expand it.

Do you need external support? Feel free to contact me – I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Philipp Chiou,
  • Sales Manager
  • Düsseldorf office
  • Region: Nord Deutschland
Philipp Chiou

After my degree in economics at the Ruhr university in Bochum, I started off as an automotive aftersales project manager before progressing to become a project manager for wiring harness development for Ford.

I have been working for Hays since 2013, first as an account manager, then as a key account manager and finally as a team leader, mainly looking after the OEMs Ford, Volkswagen and Daimler. In my current position as a sales manager SoW, I am in charge of offering development services mainly in digitalisation and future mobility trends. In particular, I want my clients to be able to implement innovative ideas from our centres of excellence and from our specialised contractual partners.

The future of our business location also depends on our innovative ability. Please feel free to contact me if you want to undertake any projects that are critical to your company’s future success.

  • Reiner Lattuch,
  • Sales Manager
  • Munich office
  • Region: Munich
Reiner Lattuch

After graduating in mechanical engineering from the technical university, I started at Daimler in engine development as a production planner for prototype components. In that role, I also spent three years in charge of providing the racing engines for the DTM and Formula 1 series. After that, I was responsible for many years for the system integration of guided missile prototypes at what used to be EADS and is now Airbus Defence.

After a total of 16 years in development, I was interested in the challenge of technical sales and joined a development service provider with the aim of acquiring interesting automotive projects with works contracts or as temporary employment. A major highlight for me was a €12 million works contract from our client BMW for the development of a hydrogen control device. In between, I spent five years working in Austria where I was responsible for the series production of aluminium parts in the automotive, aerospace and rail vehicles industries.

I believe that my many years of technical development experience is a major benefit when it comes to works contract sales as it enables me to discuss solutions with clients on an equal footing. Since last autumn, I have been working as a sales manager at Hays Technology Solutions GmbH, offering our existing as well as new customers HTSG know-how in the area of works contracts.

I am happy to advise and support you with all matters relating to finding and realising solutions using a works contract with current and future-proof development methods. I look forward to hearing from you.