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Managed services are precisely defined services provided to a customer by an ICT service or solutions provider. Managed services contracts are generally concluded for a longer duration of three to five years. The services are always defined and recorded in mutual agreement before the contract conclusion. Based on previously agreed SLAs (service level agreements), the customer can measure and evaluate the fulfilment and quality of the services.

IT service desk

Managed Service Desk

  • First/second level support
    Helpdesk or hotline for users to report application problems as a dedicated or remote service

Application services

  • Customer specific applications
    Provision, configuration and maintenance of central applications, also in connection with infrastructure services or as a dedicated service.

Managed Workplace

  • IMAC/D service
    Maintenance activities on the hardware of the end user. Installation/move/add/delete. We receive the orders via ticket and schedule the assignments ourselves.
  • Roll-out
    This refers to larger/planned exchanges. For example, old desktops are exchanged for new thin clients. Hays is responsible for all service requests along the entire life cycle.
  • Migrations
    This refers to larger/planned migrations. For example, the migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Depending on the contractual arrangement, the order can be handled as a managed service or as a statement of work.

Managed network and security

  • Network services
    Operation, monitoring, support of the network infrastructure. Elimination of errors.
  • IT security services
    Operation of IT security solutions such as anti-spam platforms and firewalls as well as active patch management

Managed servers

  • Server administration
    From architecture via installation up to the operation for common application, DB and mail servers; virtualisation, high availability.

Managed Services

The provision of services is based on a model with four consecutive phases.

Design or improvement of processes and the respective procedures

Application of processes and procedures and recording of measured data

Evaluation of measurements and identification of deviations

Derivation of measures, prioritisation and identification of required improvements

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