Here you can find successfully implemented reference projects from various IT and managed services areas.

1. System profiles

Customer: IT service provider of a renowned finance company

Duration: 10 months

Turnover: €140,000

  • Update of the of the existing IT application profiles
  • Establishment of a monitoring system for various IT applications

2. Authentication concept

Customer: Renowned energy supply company

Duration: 2 months

Turnover: €25,000

  • Preparation of a detailed concept for the OAuth2 authentication based on predefined security guidelines
  • Development of a POP3 proxy prototype

3. Analysis regarding a digital tool file

Customer: Renowned industrial company

Duration: 3 months

Turnover: €30,000

  • Implementation of a tool file for the documentation and tracking of tool repairs, repair procedures and the expected wear to optimise costs and repairs
  • Document analysis: review of the existing documentation
  • Process analysis: review of the current process description with focus on the implementation of a digital tool file; identification of optimisation potentials
  • System analysis: analysis of the current SAP data structure
  • Presentation of results: development of action alternatives; suggestions regarding the next steps


Customer: Renowned technology company

Duration: 8 months

Turnover: €95,000

  • Expansion of the customer online shop including many new functions and display options
  • Realisation of the display of individual prices and discounts in the online shop for logged-in customers as well as many other specified changes

1. Deployment automation

Customer: Renowned technology company

Duration: 6 months

Turnover: €50,000

  • Support and relief of the production through a partially automated process in the deployment area
  • Definition of organisational and technical framework conditions
  • Definition of roll-out and roll-back strategies and configuration changes as well as determination of the level of reusability of Ansible artefacts
  • Set-up and configuration of the Ansible controller(s) as well as set-up of the local development environment
  • Conceptual design and realisation of the playbooks/roles to be created based on concrete artefacts
  • Creation of a complete documentation as a basis for further internal development
  • Overall testing and troubleshooting

2. Output management system

Customer: Renowned company in the telecommunications industry

Duration: 4 months

Turnover: €90,000

  • Internal code analysis
  • Analysis and adaptation of the test coverage
  • Migration to Maven and set-up of Spring Boot project structures and the related Jenkins jobs
  • Definition of a test environment and development of an internal test system
  • Performance of integration tests in a DEV environment

3. Connect Fleet

Customer: Renowned automotive manufacturer

Duration: 25 months

Turnover: €750,000

  • Connect Fleet is a fleet management solution designed to enable fleet managers to operate and optimise their vehicle fleets
  • Further development of the existing system; fleet data interface from status “Proof of concept” (PoC) to a minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Realisation of a business model for the extraction of data from vehicles, development of a data governance as well as aggregation of data

4. Interface implementation IDM

Customer: IT service provider of a renowned insurance company

Duration: 6 months

Turnover: €310,000

  • Design and implementation of the connection between MyIT and IDM
  • Conversion of the complete administration and assignment of rights
  • MyIT portal as central point for the application and administration of rights
  • Realisation of the entire approval workflow in MyIT

1. Implementation and roll-out Qlik Sense

Customer: Renowned automotive manufacturer

Duration: 4 months

Turnover: €31,000

  • Implementation and roll-out of the SCA tool in the start-up planning of pre-series vehicles in logistics using Qlik Sense and extensions
  • Implementation of the Qlik Sense SCA application in an independent local version within the infrastructure of the specialist area SC/SEA according to functional and technical specifications
  • Development, implementation and documentation of programming services

2. Report creation MS Power BI

Customer: Renowned wholesale and retail company

Duration: 12 months

Turnover: €32,000

  • Development of different reports using Microsoft Power BI
  • Inspection of the environment, including possible testing and documentation
  • Coordination of report details, KPIs including documentation, design and filter drill control, including documentation
  • Creation of necessary POCs to mitigate risks
  • Implementation of the required reports including documentation
  • Providing the approval including bug fixing and deployment

3. Dashboard BI

Customer: Renowned technology company

Duration: 4 months

Turnover: €150,000

  • Construction of a dashboard, among other things for the comparison of KPIs (e.g. network availability) and customer satisfaction
  • Analysis of the environment, preparation of a POC using PowerDesigner
  • Export/import of various tables (COMET, SPAM, PROMS) via Luxor framework/Automic; creation and calculation of various large tables in CL and DM layers
  • Calculation and persistence of key figures on the IQ, import of key figures from the IQ in the MS SQL database
  • Final tests of all developed artefacts through final quality assurance, regression tests through repeated loading and post-deployment checks

1. System test customs

Customer: IT service provider of a renowned logistics company

Duration: 17 months

Turnover: €250,000

  • New development of the ZONS application to meet the changed requirements of international customs clearance for mail and parcel transport in import and export
  • Implementation of ICS2 security messages to ensure the required message exchange with the EU security authorities
  • Definition and implementation of an initial set-up for a test infrastructure which enables test automation

2. Set-up and further development of the visualisation of a system monitoring

Customer: IT service provider of a renowned finance company

Duration: 3 months

Turnover: €50,000

  • Responsible for the conceptual design, planning and development of a system monitoring for dedicated applications across several phases
  • Visualisation of monitoring data and event information
  • Implementation of required visualisation extensions or adaptations of monitoring procedures and event processing
  • Integration of new monitoring information and identification of measures to improve the quality in the infrastructure area
  • Creation of a prototype of a mobile website based on HTML, JavaScript and CSS using a framework (such as ReactJS)

3. Infoflash

Customer: Renowned company in the telecommunications industry

Duration: 10 months

Turnover: €150,000

  • Infoflash enables the marketing department to contact customers directly by sending push messages to the registered mobile phones and tablets of the customers
  • Creation and implementation of Infoflash end-to-end test cases
  • Preparation of the commissioning

1. Managed service desk 2nd level support

Customer: Renowned technology group

Duration: 45 months

Turnover: €1,200,000

  • 2nd level support and user support through an ITIL-based service organisation
  • Evaluation and realisation of CRs
  • Project support
  • Implementation of continuous optimisation processes

2. SharePoint farm support

Customer: Renowned industrial group

Duration: 12 months

Turnover: €120,000

  • Support of existing applications
  • Adaptations of third-party software used
  • Process adaptations or workflows according to specifications
  • Organisation and structuring of documents
  • Adaptations in libraries and lists
  • Office integration and support of mySites/infrastructure

3. Polaris system monitoring

Customer: Renowned logistics company

Duration: 12 months

Turnover: €200,000

  • Execution of system monitoring of two sorting plants at different locations during the start-up phase
  • Monitoring of the necessary application software components and services for an orderly operation
  • System monitoring
  • Provision of suitable staff during the defined shift times as well as on-site presence of suitable staff for the initial training regarding the system landscape and the defined shift times
  • Monitoring of the system environment using the provided analysis and monitoring tools/li>
  • Analysis of problems in the communication between Polaris and interface partners as well as with the performance and functionality of Polaris
  • Creation of short error reports and a short shift report
  • Communication with the responsible site management and the staff of the interface partners
  • Elimination of problems according to the respective instructions

4. Vespa CMS

Customer: Renowned company in the telecommunications industry

Duration: 20 months

Turnover: €190,000

  • Service support in the field of alias/URL/link management under the customer domain as well as support services to avoid editorial peaks in content maintenance
  • Acceptance of requests, compliance and technical feasibility check, set-up and modification in the VESPA link tool/Phoenix link tool and the PHOENIX URL administration as well as in VESPA CMS/Phoenix CMS
  • Analysis of errors, testing of new solutions, coordination, passing on to whitelist/GDPR compliance check, provision of excerpts, adjustments of the link tool
  • Processing of error messages as well as new and change requests

5. Managed service desk 2nd level support

Customer: Renowned energy supply company

Duration: 36 months

Turnover: €370,000

  • Support of the software and hardware installed
  • Provision of the IT service desk function; it serves as an interface for all internal customers and supports the internal employees with the following activities:
  • Reporting and processing of error messages
  • Acceptance of service requests
  • Provision of specific services for service systems
  • Customer support in case of malfunctions or requests regarding the handling of applications of the PDV client