Are you planning to assign a development order in an agile project environment? The high expertise and project-related know-how of external specialists with relevant experience from agile projects are in high demand, especially in agile projects.

Deploying agile project methods which, contrary to former common project management methods, strongly focus on self-organisation within the development teams, is an increasing trend in project business. This new world of work 4.0 is characterised by a high degree of autonomy of the project participants.

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  2. Step 1: Project start

    Our Business Development Managers (BDM) conclude a framework agreement (commercial part) for a defined number of sprints with you and supervise the project from the sprint planning to the sprint retrospective together with your product owner who has the functional responsibility.

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  4. Step 2: Sprint planning

    BDM and product owner define the sprint agreements (functional part) by using the product backlogs.

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  6. Step 3: Scrum team

    Based on the agreements, the BDM selects suitable project employees or partner companies from our pool of specialists.

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  8. Step 4: Sprint development

    The Scrum team implements the sprints according to the sprint agreements. The Scrum Master supports the team as a moderator and coach. In this process, the BDM represents the contractor and thus the next escalation level.

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  10. Step 5: Project completion

    With an agile statement of work, you pay for our services after acceptance according to the sprint agreement, based on the mutually agreed acceptance criteria.

The user stories created by the customer as well as the acceptance criteria are the basis of the agile statement of work. The product owner plays a central role as functional representative of the customer.

By placing an order based on a statement of work, the customer has planning reliability with regard to costs, deadlines and results per sprint. As the planning phase is replaced by processes during the project implementation, the customer does not have to deal with the sometimes extensive and complex project coordination.

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