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Content managers: planning, creating and managing content across channels

Content managers act as editors, strategic planners and technicians managing content online and ensuring that current topics and information are presented in a convincing manner. Their profession is still young and combines organisational talent with technical competence. Content managers are in demand in numerous industries.

Which opportunities do content managers have on the labour market?

Content managers have a broad range of tasks including the planning and management of multimedia content, the maintenance of corporate websites and online editing activities. Content managers can work at companies, where they coordinate websites or customer trips, for example. In fact, they are needed wherever content is created, published and managed. Their prospects are particularly good in sales and marketing or in IT.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of content managers?

Content managers plan and manage content using a content management system (CMS), such as WordPress or Drupal. They are responsible for text and image material for websites and for multimedia content, prepare editorial plans for future content and collaborate closely with colleagues from the marketing, sales and customer support units as well as with external specialists. Besides, their tasks include the technical set-up of the employed CMS, the collection of data and key figures as well as their evaluation and preparation for stakeholders.

  • Maintenance and optimisation of CMS and web content as well as the related content planning and creation
  • Creation of image, text and multimedia content
  • Web administration
  • Online editing
  • Online shop maintenance
  • Optimisation of websites, processes and employee potentials
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Cooperation with internal and external stakeholders

Which hard skills and soft skills should content managers have?

To be able to plan and manage content efficiently, good editorial skills, experience with graphics processing as well as knowledge of CSS, HTML and SEO are required. Moreover, content managers must be proficient in using the common CMS and need to be very familiar with social media. As they often cooperate with and coordinate both internal and external employees, they need to have pronounced organisational and communication skills as well.

  • Graphics and video processing skills
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Competent handling of CMS, such as WordPress, Drupal, TYPO3
  • SEO expertise
  • Social media know-how

What is the average salary of content managers?

While their average salary is EUR 30,000 per year, content managers may earn more, depending on their professional experience, qualifications and tasks performed as well as on the company size.

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