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Marketing directors: experts with leadership skills for the promotion of products

Marketing directors are responsible for the sales promotion of products and services. They support the sales department in achieving the determined sales targets. Being experts for all different kinds of marketing measures, they ensure that the products to be sold achieve a high level of awareness among target groups and maintain this level in the long term.

Which opportunities do marketing directors have on the labour market?

Regardless of the industry, companies of a certain size need their own marketing department including a marketing director. Therefore, there is a great variety of employment opportunities for such marketing experts, also in specialised consulting companies. In many industries, such as food, pharmaceuticals or automotive engineering, specific expertise is required.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of marketing directors?

Marketing directors are in charge of the development of effective marketing concepts and powerful strategies. They are responsible for their team and closely cooperate with external service providers, such as advertising agencies or opinion research institutes.

  • Management of the marketing budget
  • Execution of advertising and image campaigns
  • Media and public relations
  • Risk communication

Which hard skills and soft skills should marketing directors have?

Marketing directors should have a relevant university degree as well as long-term professional experience, ideally including personnel responsibility. They must have broad experience in social media marketing and be familiar with using modern marketing techniques, such as influencer or guerrilla marketing.

They also need certain soft skills to master the challenges of this demanding role:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • A talent for networking
  • Creativity
  • Leadership skills

What is the average salary of marketing directors?

On average, the annual salary of marketing directors is more than EUR 50,000 gross. With increasing professional experience, this may rise up to EUR 90,000, especially when working in large corporations.

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