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Legal assistants: organising the legal office routine

Legal assistants have a real talent when it comes to organisation: They carry out administrative tasks and coordinate the processes in law firms or companies. They coordinate appointments, keep track of deadlines, create files or documents, are responsible for bookkeeping and are the first point of contact for clients or courts.

Which opportunities do legal assistants have on the labour market?

Due to the variety of tasks of legal assistants, they have numerous opportunities on the job market. Their fields of work include law firms, banks, insurance companies, dunning departments of department store chains, auditing companies or debt collection agencies. Further training increases their prospects of getting a well-paid job. With additional qualifications as a notary clerk, for example, they can expand their field of activity. Besides, they can qualify for positions as assistant tax consultants, office administrators or business administrators with focus on law by pursuing a degree course or by attending extra-occupational evening classes. Every further training brings along a wide range of new options for legal tasks within companies.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of legal assistants?

Legal assistants are the right-hand men of lawyers in companies and manage the daily office routine. The three-year apprenticeship consists of practical work at the apprenticeship company and classes at vocational school. Once they have completed their apprenticeship, legal assistants perform the following tasks independently:

  • Calendar and schedule management
  • Calculation of deadlines and determination of fees
  • Creation and updating of files
  • Drafting or preparation of papers
  • Accounting
  • Customer consulting and support
  • Correspondence with courts and authorities

Which hard skills and soft skills should legal assistants have?

Legal assistants bear a lot of responsibility to ensure that bosses and clients can assert their rights. Even in the written application for an apprenticeship, an excellent writing style and a good structure play an important role for potential employers during the selection process. Qualified legal assistants should highlight their professional qualifications as well as their social skills when looking for a suitable job.

In addition to hard skills such as specialist knowledge of the most important legal regulations, requests to courts and authorities, accounting, national and international law and IT applications, a wide range of soft skills is required:

  • Good organisational skills
  • A precise way of working
  • Resilience
  • Reliability
  • Strong communication skills
  • Discretion
  • Flexibility
  • Friendliness
  • Empathy

What is the average salary of legal assistants?

Depending on the year of their apprenticeship, they will earn between EUR 550 (year 1) and EUR 650 (year 3). The average monthly gross salary for legal assistants who have completed their apprenticeship is EUR 2,350. With increasing professional experience, their salary increases as well. It also varies depending on the federal state, the size of the company and the field of activity. At large insurance companies or banks, the salary is usually higher than at small law firms. It can be further increased through further training.

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