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Assistant tax consultants – shaping the image of the tax consulting office

Assistant tax consultants are the right-hand men of tax advisors and keep them free for other tasks. They independently carry out most the of the relevant tasks. In short, assistant tax consultants help individuals and companies avoid the pitfalls of tax law.

Which opportunities do assistant tax consultants have on the labour market?

Assistant tax consultants have excellent prospects on the labour market. In Germany, there are approximately 85,000 tax consulting offices, and skilled assistant tax consultants are highly sought-after. Besides, assistant tax consultants have good development opportunities: they can undergo further training to become balance sheet accountants or tax specialists, and after ten years of professional experience, they can found their own tax consulting company and become self-employed tax consultants after having passed the tax consultant examination.

What are the tasks of assistant tax consultants?

Assistant tax consultants perform a broad range of tasks. When tax consultants provide advice to clients, such as individuals, companies and freelancers, assistant tax consultants support them by carrying out many tasks independently. This enables them to gain deep insight into different working environments.

  • Review of client documents, such as invoices, bank statements and receipts
  • Taking care of the financial accounting for companies
  • Preparation of the annual financial statements of companies
  • Creation of the payroll accounting for companies, including the calculation of income tax, church tax and social contributions
  • Support with the income tax notification of individuals
  • Processing of tax assessments
  • Creation and maintenance of files and registers
  • General office work, such as correspondence and appointment scheduling
  • Preparation of client meetings

Which hard skills and soft skills should assistant tax consultants have?

Assistant tax consultants must have completed a three-year apprenticeship. They need to have a real talent for figures and a great interest in economic correlations and must be enthusiastic about tax law and accounting. Lifelong learning is essential in this job, as tax law is complex and subject to constant change.

Assistant tax consultants are shaping the image of the tax consulting office. They must have strong communication skills and remain calm even in stressful situations.

  • An independent and conscientious way of working
  • A sense of discretion
  • A good command of MS Office programs and DATEV/Navision
  • A strong understanding of complex matters
  • Good communication skills, oral and written
  • Great empathy and team spirit
  • A good knowledge of human nature
  • Flexibility
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • A quick perception
  • Resilience

What is the average salary of assistant tax consultants?

The average annual income of assistant tax consultants is approximately EUR 28,800 gross, with a starting salary of approximately EUR 2,000 per month, strongly depending on the region and the size of the company.

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