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True financial experts are rare and much sought after. Accordingly, their market value is also high – that is, if their qualifications are more than just something printed on paper. That's why we vet every specialist seeking to be placed by us. In all areas. In each and every case.

Successful candidates can expect from us:

  • Attractive positions that are only attainable with a strong recruitment partner like Hays,
  • Exciting assignments and responsibilities (e.g. in restructuring or management),
  • International contracts with market leaders,
  • Employment flexibility (temp, freelance, permanent),
  • Reduced downtime and better planning and
  • Minimal risk and on-time payments.

Katharina Hain von Hays gibt bei Finance TV
Karriere-Tipps für Finance-Fachkräfte

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We open doors for financial specialists in fields such as accounting, controlling, corporate banking, interim management, risk management and treasury. We have already successfully filled more than 25,000 positions in Germany with qualified temporary staff, experienced freelancers and permanent employees.

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