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In the age of resource scarcity, the power & grid industry plays a crucial role and has a very promising future


We will support you with the following skills

  • Construction supervisors and specialist construction managers
  • Site and assembly managers
  • Project managers
  • Occupational safety specialists (FaSi, HSE, SiGeKo)
  • Quality supervisors
  • Claim and contract managers
  • Operational and strategic buyers
  • Schedulers
  • Planners for high-voltage systems
  • Power engineering experts
  • Radiation protection experts
  • Deconstruction specialists
  • Experts for renewable energies
  • Wind energy experts (onshore and offshore)
  • Experts for smart grids and appliances

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Power & grid jobs – the challenges of the future

In times dominated by climate protection, the move away from nuclear power and coal, the expansion of renewable energies and increasing electromobility, the supply of energy plays a key role. However, the transition to cleaner energy sources can only be a success with a high-performance electricity grid. Alongside the expansion of grids, it is also important to utilise the existing supply grids more efficiently and avoid costly bottlenecks.

The expansion and creation of flexible and intelligent grids presents a further challenge – after all, digitalisation will enable consumers to generate energy themselves and feed it into the system locally in the future.

To make this a reality, the existing grids must be optimised and digitalised. Innovative technologies such as power-to-gas, through which surplus electricity from renewables is converted into green natural gas, will play a key role in determining whether the switch to renewable energies is successful. As such, the power grids of the future will be designed in a fundamentally different way than the present day. Consequently, the energy sector is facing a whole host of changes that also go hand-in-hand with a transformation of the expertise of employees in this industry.

Demographic change as the biggest challenge for the energy sector

The expansion and improvement of energy grids not only require better political framework conditions, but also a large number of well-trained specialists. Experts with a completed degree in electrical engineering are desperately sought after by all companies. And this situation will escalate in the coming years purely due to the fact that the number of electrical engineers going into retirement exceeds the number of young engineers or electrical engineers starting their careers.

With a view to the target for 2030, it is primarily civil engineers who are being sought as grid planners, project coordinators, construction supervisors and project managers for the expansion of the electricity and gas grids, fibre optic network (FTTx and FTTH) and the charging infrastructure for electromobility. This also presents an opportunity for graduates to play an active role in shaping Germany’s transition to cleaner energies – in a time at which more importance is attached to sustainability than ever before. The mission is clearly defined – get Germany ready for the energy transition! And this is where Hays comes in.

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