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Are you looking for engineers?

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Temporary employment

Are you looking for personnel support within the framework of temporary employment?


Are you looking for freelance support for projects?

Permanent employment

Are you looking to additional, permanent support for your Engineering business?

Statements of work

We are your partner for statements of work in Engineering.

Extensive experience in the engineering market

The high demand for technicians and engineers, coupled with profound demographic changes, makes engineering a challenging job market – even for us as recruiters. This is where our extensive experience of working with the engineering market comes into its own. Our proven experience, combined with our high quality and market overview, enables us to find the right technicians and engineers for our customers.

Engineers and technicians according to your requirements

We work for you: flexibly and according to your needs. If you require the specialist knowledge of a freelance professional for an upcoming project, would like to expand your existing core team with one of our expert temps or need our recruitment skills to help you find a new employee, we're there for you. We recruit qualified engineers and technicians according to your job requirements; swiftly, economically and without any unnecessary complications.

Contract Models to Suit Your Needs

We offer you individual contract models tailored to suit your needs. Choose between permanent staff, temp candidates, freelance experts or additional support via statements of work.