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Temp opportunities
for medical professionals

Do you need short or long-term temporary support in your
Hospital or other medical facility?

Temporary employment in hospitals, medical facilities and service companies

When you need temporary support for both medical and non-medical roles in hospitals, medical care centres, service companies and laboratories, we're the perfect partner to have by your side.

Flexible temporary deployments make it possible for you to cover short-term staff shortages and provide parental leave cover so that you can maintain your smoothly running workflow and get to know employees before transferring them to fixed-term contracts with your company.

Our Services

Medical Personnel

  • Doctors for long-term assignments
  • Physicians' assistants
  • Clinical coders
  • Technical assistants (laboratory, radiology, OR)

Technical Personnel

  • Medical technicians
  • Building services technicians

Administrative Positions

  • Personnel
  • Project management
  • Administration

Temp Employment: Your Advantages

  • Competent point of contact
  • Presentation of suitable candidates in the shortest possible time
  • Organisation of all contractual details
  • Security (with our Compliant Sourcing approach your legal compliance is always assured)
  • Reliability

Don´t take chances

Using the Compliant Sourcing approach, you can realise your contracts for work and services, statements of work and temp contracts in a fully legally compliant way.

Why Hays?

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Experiences with Hays

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