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Are you currently looking for a head of department, lead senior consultant or director
to fill a permanent position?

As a recruiter with many years of experience, we find the right doctors for the right hospitals.

Using our extensive network of contacts in the healthcare sector, we are in touch with medical administrators and physicians from the most varied disciplines, enabling us to find, in the shortest time possible, the most appropriate doctor or admin professional for you.

Profit from professional recruiting channels

In addition to traditional ad placements, we are able to effectively leverage our Hays network of professional contacts. We also make extensive use of eRecruitment: We have a company presence on all the most popular social media platforms and receive well over 1 million page views on our own company website every month. By proactively contacting appropriate candidates, we seek out the most highly-qualified specialists and generalists for you, thus guaranteeing a professionally managed, end-to-end recruitment process. This ensures that you receive the most appropriate selection of qualified medical and administrative managers.

Sustainable recruitment of doctors through quality-assured processes

It's not surprising, then, that when we say we know both the right doctors and administrators to suit your needs, we mean it. Quality-assured recruitment processes (DIN ISO 9001) and sustainable relationships with clinics and candidates are the cornerstones of our services. We advise healthcare customers throughout Germany and are in continuous contact with doctors across the entire D/A/CH region.

Optimised processes, quality and a discreet collaboration with customers and candidates are all hallmarks of our business. Let our proven performance in professional personnel recruitment work for you! We will fill your vacancies in the shortest possible time with the most appropriate candidates.

We also support you in the field of Executive search. Just contact us!

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