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Are you looking for qualified locum doctors
to bridge staff shortages?

By recruiting and placing locum doctors from a broad range of specialisms, we enable our customers such as hospitals, clinics, medical centres and practices to quickly adapt to changes in the market and react to resource shortages. Below is an overview of the services we provide.

The placement of locums covering the following areas of responsibility:

  • Senior physicians, consultants as well as cover for holidays, illness or other resource shortfalls
  • Positions on wards, in operating theatres, casualty and intensive care
  • Frontline / background duties and on-call responsibilities
  • 24 hour and weekend cover

The recruitment of locums for the following specialisms:

  • Doctors covering all disciplines for clinics, hospitals, medical centres and practices
  • Emergency doctors
  • Ship’s doctors
  • Company and occupational health physicians
  • Specialist medical investigators for work in clinical trials
  • Coding directors with a medical background
  • Interim hospital CEOs

Placement of locum doctors with the following minimum qualifications:

  • German licence to practice medicine
  • Specialist qualifications
  • Own professional liability insurance
  • Positive references from previous locum work in given specialist area
  • Good knowledge of German

Recruitment to placement process:

  • Initial conversation in person or by telephone to analyse your locum requirements
  • Detailed matching by Hays of your requirements with the candidate's locum qualifications
  • Personal interviews with candidates by Hays
  • Dispatch of locum documentation (proof of licence to practice medicine, medical diploma, certificates (if required), CV)
  • In-depth technical discussion by telephone with your own senior physician, consultant or office manager
  • Clarification of all relevant operational details and handling of administrative tasks by Hays
  • Drawing up of the corresponding commission agreement by Hays

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