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Are you looking for the right specialists
in Sales, Marketing or digital Marketing?

What type of contract are you interested in?


Do you need specialist support on a temp basis?


Do you need support for your projects?

Permanent employment

Are you looking to additional, permanent support for your Sales & Marketing business?


By supplying you with the appropriate Sales & Marketing specialists, we can support you in a number of different ways:

  • If you are unable to fully exploit your existing sales potential due to limited prospect resources
  • If, due to limited capacity, you are unable give you customers (B2C / B2B) the quality of care they deserve
  • When you need to expand the focus placed on your target industry or increase concentration on project business
  • Introducing reseller-partner programmes or developing new sales channels
  • Designing, managing, monitoring and evaluating marketing activities – in offline and online environments (campaigns, trade fairs, SEM / SEO, end-to-end product management)

The right specialists to suit your needs

At the start of every recruitment campaign, we work together with you to analyse your exact needs and requirements and then ensure we find just the right specialists for you.

We make it our goal to present you with the first suitable candidates within 24 hours. And for the two to four Sales & Marketing specialists that we, as a rule, are able to initially present, you can also be sure they possess not only the requisite technical qualifications, but also the right soft skills as well.

Hays Journal

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