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The beginning of a new era:
Perfect matching of the future

An entirely new approach to recruiting

We look back on a decade full of digital revolutions. Our smarthphones, among many other things, have become indispensable. Numerous technical innovations, providing sensational possibilities, have emerged from the dynamics of the digital world and a data-driven age has been heralded all over the world – including the recruiting business.

Recruitment is subject to constant changes. We are ready!
In 2020, a new decade begins, and for Hays it will be all about proactive recruitment and long-term partnerships. Myriads of data are available in technologies and platforms, providing an unparalleled abundance of information about potential and existing candidates.

Hays has recognised this potential at an early stage and prepared for it accordingly. Powerful data analysis programs and digital tools, paired with our experience, competence and instinctive feeling, enable us to redefine recruiting and find the “perfect match” for you.

“Today, an innovative approach and profound knowledge is key. Digital technologies, new data analysis methods and, most importantly, a personalised communication form the foundation for success. Our recruitment model “Find & Engage” combines all of the above.”

“Find & Engage”
The future recruiting model

“Find & Engage” is an innovative concept for personnel recruitment. The unique combination of proven procedures and irreplaceable competences of classical personnel placement, such as experience and personal relationships, and the new technologies of data evaluation characterise this concept.

Finden und Binden

HEUTE: Stellen werden gefunden

Bewerber suchen nach Stellenangeboten und bewerben sich auf die ansprechende Anzeigen. Das setzt voraus, dass sie offen für neue Jobmöglichkeiten sind. Personalvermittler sind darauf angewiesen, dass die Menge und Qualität der eingehenden Bewerbungen stimmt. Bei schwieriger zu besetzenden Stellen kommen Bewerberdatenbanken zum Einsatz.

MORGEN: Bewerber werden gefunden

Mithilfe von Suchwerkzeugen und Datenanalysen erstellen Personalvermittler umfangreiche Auswahllisten. Diese enthalten auch Kandidaten, die aktuell nicht aktiv nach einem neuen Job suchen. Der Wettbewerbsvorteil der Personalvermittler richtig sich nach Menge und Qualität der verfügbaren Daten. Und natürlich danach, wie eng ihre Beziehungen zu den einzelnen Bewerbern sind.

“Find & Engage” is a future-oriented model, especially when it comes to finding the right candidates in market segments with a shortage of skilled workers or in other challenging situations. It mainly aims at establishing relationships with potential candidates, getting to know their interests and priorities, and ultimately offering them suitable positions.

The benefits of “Find & Engage”

Excellent candidate quality

thanks to specific selection criteria in the database

Less effort

through innovative application management software and the omission of first interviews

Higher efficiency

thanks to continuous and good contacts to interesting candidates

Faster processing

due to an extensive pool of highly qualified, pre-screened candidates for a timely presentation of suitable candidates

Finding the perfect match together
instead of searching alone an vain!

We believe that, in order to find and engage new employees, companies will increasingly rely on the support of experienced recruitment agencies. Why? Because this innovative way of recruitment is not easy to implement. It requires:

  • managing enormous amounts of data and complex personnel recruitment programs
  • developing qualified and suitable content at the right time
  • a continuous and reliable exchange with interesting candidates, both via internet and personal contact

Moreover, a lot of technical elements from the field of digital dynamics and data analysis must be included. Only then can a recruitment agency determine, with its competence, expertise and relations, the right time to inform and win over a suitable candidate for a new position.

We will be happy to assist you in finding and engaging new, qualified personnel for your company. Feel free to get in touch with us!

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