Hays Reviews

With over 400,000 candidates and global business partners, Hays ranks as one of the world's leading personnel service providers for companies and organisations. This top-rated online job portal offers a broad-based job search and an outstanding portfolio of top candidates at 27 locations in Germany as well as in Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Bern, Vienna and Graz. Especially when it comes to particular industries and time-sensitive projects across nine specialist areas, Hays has proven its effectiveness and reliability: With over 2,000 employees, an international network of contacts and proven experience in the employment market, the company provides a reliable search platform for its many users.

The Perfect Match

Whether the requirement is for statements of work, executive candidates, independent experts or IT specialists in the public sector – Hays is the specialist services provider for professional project-based organisations and bespoke recruitment for both temporary contracts and long-term employment. In contrast to one-sided job portals, the Hays team of recruitment professionals focus on the interface between employers and employees. Thus, both managing directors and staff maintain complete and relevant profiles at www.hays.de. Constantly updated search templates and links to world-renowned, top-rated employee portals such as XING generate reliable matches with either the desired candidates or companies.

The "Hays Effect" ensures positive reviews

More and more positive evaluations and feedback from satisfied companies and employers confirm the power of the "Hays Effect", which is based on the three strong pillars of partnership, security and forward thinking. In addition to a recruitment system that is continuously being enhanced, Hays customers also receive extra security when making decisions through the support of Hays in-house lawyers. The success of the company's highly rated online job search is not only due to comprehensive personnel planning, but also its ability to adapt to rapid changes in the global job market, because flexibility in the recruitment arena is crucial. Many companies work on a project-by-project basis and therefore require teams of different specialists for certain periods of time. Enter Hays: As an experienced portal provider, the company establishes the optimal recruitment process for each customer and, through forward-looking planning and scheduling, brings each project to its successful conclusion.

Always well informed

The approximately 50,000 jobseekers that access the site each month can additionally register for the automatic customer service feature on the homepage at www.hays.de and keep well informed about current job opportunities. On different pages such as the Global Skill Index or the Specialists Index, Hays customers have the opportunity to gain an overview of long-term evaluations of the labour market and form their own opinions. Tips and news about job applications, work trends and new media are always available in the Social Media Newsroom or directly on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. In HaysWorld – the customer magazine for Germany, Austria and Switzerland – and the Hays blog, interested parties can find suggestions for services, experiences and personal insights in the working world.