Hays forum 2017

The Hays-Forum is an annual, closed series of events (in German) to which we invite selected customers and business partners. With the Hays-Forum, we offer a platform for presenting and discussing key management issues where both before and after the lecture participants have the opportunity to chat and network with each other.

The topic of this year´s Hays-Forum was: "How productive and dynamic teams come into being"

How does productivity develop? What factors act as positive influencers? How do individuals in a team find their roles? How does dynamism develop and evolve within a group? How can personal productivity be maximised? What skills do I need to have in my team? And how are teams guided to success?

Success comes about when individual performance and productivity are a part of teamwork. The resulting positive tension produces dynamic teams that regularly reinvent themselves. This applies just as equally to business as it does to sport.

If anyone knows how dynamic teams are formed, it's Markus Weise, the keynote speaker at this year's Hays-Forum. In his long career as a hockey coach, he has turned three teams into Olympic champions and since 2015 he has been the Head of Concept Development at the German Football Federation Academy (DFB Academy) in Frankfurt am Main.

Hays HR-Report 2017

Our HR-Report 2017 deals with the tectonic changes in organisations that have been initiated by digitisation. Under the title "On the Road to Liberal and Flexible Organisations", our marketing director Frank Schabel will be presenting the current empirical findings of a new Hays study.

Each year our HR-Report shows what topics constitute key areas for companies and how these are implemented. This year, the top HR issues have changed dramatically: For those surveyed, flexibility and digitisation are currently the two most important topics, with last year's perennial favourites leadership and employee retention falling off quite sharply. Also, the knock-on effects for employment that have been brought about by the digital transformation are viewed positively. At the top of the list are the emergence of new areas of employment and the flexibility of employment models. In contrast, however, only one in five is of the opinion that company workforces are shrinking.