Hays forum 2019

The Hays-Forum is an annual, closed series of events (in German) to which we invite selected customers and business partners. With the Hays-Forum, we offer a platform for presenting and discussing key management issues where both before and after the lecture participants have the opportunity to chat and network with each other.

The topic of this year's Hays-Forum was "Back to Work - How We Still Add Real Value in the Digital World"

The recipes for success of the past are becoming a danger for the future. Companies are no longer surviving as long as they used to. And the reason for their demise is the accelerated change in various needs and relationships on the market due to digitisation. The success mechanisms that were so great in the 20th century are being attacked by new, nimble, highly digitised competitors. Prof. Lars Vollmer shows how previously successful forms of collaboration must adapt to accommodate these changes, what future opportunities can be derived from this for employees and executives in modern high-performance teams, and what effects we can expect these things to have on employment.

In other words: There's far too little actual work being done! Instead, in most companies employees and their bosses spend more than half their time doing jobs that look like work, but simply aren't: standard meetings, annual meetings, budget negotiations, reports, approval procedures, PowerPoint presentations, corporate mission statements, organisational charts and a whole lot more. In short, a lot of stuff that makes people look busy, but doesn't generate any added value, doesn't serve the customer and is thus ultimately only one thing: a waste of time and resources!

In his keynote speech, Lars Vollmer identified this phenomenon, which creates hardship for all those involved, and could be the downfall of many companies over the next few years. He analysed what is going wrong in companies and why it is often the case that the level of responsibility being assumed is not as high as desired or as it is touted to be. He exposed the opponents of real responsibility and how companies stick to practices that, at their core, are a hundred years old, even though companies are operating in 21st-century digital markets.

HR Report 2019

Our HR Report 2019 focuses on the effects of digitisation on employment. This includes questions such as: Will substantively more jobs be created? Which disciplines will benefit the most? And how do companies ensure that their employees' skills are always up to date? In his lecture "More Jobs, New Competencies? How Digitisation Affects Our Working Environment - Results of HR Report 2019", Frank Schabel addressed these central points.

For the eighth year running, our annual HR report shows which areas of action are most important for organisations with regard to their employees. This year, as last year, the top topic of concern remains the same: employee retention. And the empirical findings show three main factors are involved: a good working atmosphere, remuneration in line with market conditions and flexible working hours. 

In addition to employee retention being a primary concern for HR teams, another important topic is ensuring the employability of individuals, which comes as no surprise considering the fast pace of employment. The topic of more flexible work structures is ranked as the third most important area of concern. This comes as companies recognise that their organisational forms must become more agile in order to meet the demands of the markets. 


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