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For many years, Hays, the specialist recruiter, has supported projects for the Deutsche Kinderkrebsstiftung (German Children's Cancer Foundation)

Hays' relationship to the wider community has always been a cornerstone of our corporate strategy, because our business model supports organisations in finding the right staff for their needs. But our focus is not just corporate: We also help individuals find the right stepping stones along their particular career paths.

We are also very aware that our responsibilities extend beyond our immediate business activities. Even though our environmental impact as a personnel services provider is limited, we take great care in protecting the environment by saving energy and making concerted efforts to reduce pollution. For years now we have also helped support organisations for children with cancer, directly linking the amount of financial support to our business success: for every successful job placement we carry out we donate 10 euros to charity.

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Women are less likely than their male co-workers to believe that pay equality and equal career opportunities exist for both, according to our latest survey.