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to Refugees

Supporting refugees: We're making it possible for two Syrians to get an IT Management degree.

Refugees can only be successfully integrated into society when they have realistic employment opportunities. This is why we are financing two full-time study placements for Syrian refugees. We want to make it possible for them to find meaningful employment in Germany by obtaining a good education. During their studies they will complete an 18-week internship as well as undergraduate work at our company.

George and Adel, the two students we are supporting, will be part of a 3-year bachelor's degree programme in IT Management at the University of Applied Management Studies (HdWM) in Mannheim. In working towards their degrees, they will be part of a group of 400 students from 30 countries and five continents.

Hays CEO, Klaus Breitschopf, stresses: "Integration is a complex and multi-faceted process. To achieve the successful integration of refugees into the German labour market, education will be the central key factor. The greater the education, the sooner doors will open for them at German businesses".

Christine Theuer

Christine Theuer

Christine Theuer

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