Our business model

Our business model

Searching for experts. Finding positions. (duration 2:20 minutes)

Are your staffing processes as flexible as they should be?

A decisive factor for any business is finding the right people for the tasks ahead. Conversely, skilled professionals are looking for new employment opportunities. Both sides of this equation need a competent partner that can fulfil their recruitment needs. We search for experts and find positions.

Temp and perm: Maximal flexibility

In our increasingly more networked and globalised economy, corporate mobility is crucial. Having an optimal mix of permanent employees and external, temporary staff adds flexibility. We can find the experts you need – either as long-term permanent employees or as short-term temp staff – to fill your vacant specialist and managerial positions.

Swift and precise: Our recruitment system

We are specialists in recruiting highly qualified experts. Thanks to our proactive recruitment management capabilities, we already know the right experts before customers approach us with their recruitment requirements. This is why we can react so quickly to our customers' needs.

Our business processes are DIN EN ISO 9001 certified and designed to quickly and accurately fulfil your recruitment needs.

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Why Hays?

Find out why we're the right partner for your career.

Our specialisations

Overview of the sectors in which we place experts.

Hays Gender Diversity Report

Women are less likely than their male co-workers to believe that pay equality and equal career opportunities exist for both, according to our latest survey.