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When you have a short-term need to flexibly augment your core team with qualified external specialists, temp employment is exactly the right solution for you. Within 24 hours of carrying out your needs analysis, we will supply you with feedback from our specialist regional teams. In doing this, we rely on our excellent network of qualified employees, who can expertly provide solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Temp support from highly qualified specialists

Our Hays professionals are specialists with many years or proven experience in the following areas:

Working as permanent Hays employees, they can complement and support your core team in projects, to bridge bottlenecks and during peak workloads.

Reforming temp employment

On 1 April 2017, changes arising from the current draft legislation on temporary employment will come into effect that will be relevant to you, as a company making use of these services.

We welcome the fact that due to these changes in legislation, temporary employment in Germany is undergoing further reforms and achieving legal certainty. This, in turn, will mean greater transparency and that the equal treatment of employees working in the temp sector is ensured. This restructuring of pay scales confirms our own remuneration model of providing above-average rates to our experts and specialists - a policy we have practised since our company was founded.

Health insurance clearance certificates



A further service for you: health insurance clearance certificate

We work with the independent Department for Payment Security to provide our customers with a further service: the health insurance clearance certificate. Here you can find the status of contributions made: www.IZS.de/Hays, which offers maximum security and transparency and reduces your subsidiary liability risks.

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