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Social Media

Job search via social media

Social networks are the best way to find jobs and advance your career. Whether you are actively looking for a new challenge or are just starting to think about it - you will find the right advice here.

Remote job start

Job start from the home office

Your guide for coping with the period of notice and for starting a new job from the home office.

Video interview

Video interview from home office

10 steps to a sucessful video interview.

Kids and Home Office

Home Office with kids

Many working parents currently work from their home office and have to look after their children at the same time. Our guide answers the most important questions about this unprecedented, difficult situation.

Home Office

To protect yourself from overwork in the home office

There are ultimately many reasons for overtime. In all cases, however, overwork with all its negative accompanying symptoms threatens in the end. Read our five tips to maintain your health and well-being even in tense times.

Video tools

Working and setting in the home office

A guide to video tools and best practices for video conferencing.

The Hays CV-Guide

Your path to the perfect resume

We will guide you step by step so that you can impress your potential new employer with the perfect CV. Stand out from the mass of applications (only in German).

Homework Guide

Home office - keep Business as usual

Tips and Tricks: Work from homeoffice.

Work Culture

5 tips to maintain the work culture even when working remotely

Currently, the world of work is more than ever characterised by location-independent work, but its implementation can present employers with certain difficulties that must be overcome (only in German).


Digital networking: the right way

Right now, it offers people who have so far only had analogue networking, the opportunity, to strengthen their digital networking skills (only in German).


E-Learning in times of crisis

With the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, Hays succeeded in setting up a viable, scalable and content-validated training concept for the remote training of all employees within two weeks (only in German).

Corona crisis

Corona: When the signs change massively

Without warning, a virus breaks into our society, which within a very short time also completely turns our working world around. Instead of digital, we are now once again under the control of biology (only in German).


Remote management and remote collaboration

Working together effectively and successfully through remote management and remote collaboration (only in German).

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