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in Engineering

Are you interested in a permanent position in engineering?


Are you a new starter looking for a permanent position in Engineering or are you an already established professional with years of proven experience seeking a new job role? Then you've come to the right place.

At Hays, you can expect the most professional service available for helping you find your next job. We offer you the opportunity to gain direct access to customers and / or a permanent job role at Hays Professional Solutions GmbH as part of our temp agency service.

Permanent employment with a Hays customer

Our professional, specialist Hays contacts help you in finding the right job to suit your skills and expertise. We will review your documentation and ensure this is provided to the right decision makers at our client companies. We will even assist you in preparing for your job interview – all of which paves the way for you to quickly and efficiently find direct employment.

Permanent positions within temporary employment

We are always more than happy to compare your documentation with our selected list of available temp positions and then help you complete and process your application.

By maintaining efficient communications with our direct specialist and HR contacts at our customer sites, we ensure that we can quickly give you feedback on your application. We support you both during the application process and throughout the duration of your project at the customer’s site, so you always have a point of contact for your questions – even when project circumstances change.

Taking a temp engineering role with Hays means you'll benefit from long-running deployments and gain deeper insights into the companies you work with. Thus, you become well acquainted with the company and expand your existing expertise.

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