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  • Florian Wagner,
  • Head of Department
  • Branch office: Stuttgart
  • Region: Germany
Contact person for freelancers, interim, temporary staff and permanent employment
Florian Wagner
Florian Wagner

Following my studies in political and administrative sciences and business administration, I gained first professional experience at a specialised HR consulting company before starting my career at Hays in 2011.

As part of a classic business development case, my task was to convince the finance departments of our customers in Baden-Württemberg to work with us and our freelancers in order to advance and effectively implement their projects. At first, I was exclusively involved in the operational business of Hays. Later on, I took on managerial responsibility and focused on the training of new employees and the establishment of teams and structures.

Since April 2020, I have been co-responsible for our new HR division. Just as in the finance area, my goal is to approach our customers’ HR departments and arouse their enthusiasm for a cooperation with us to help them realise new topics and visions even more successfully – be it with the help of experts in permanent or temporary positions or with freelancers supporting them on a project basis.