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Are you looking for an expert
to fill a permanent retail position with your company?

We find precisely the right candidates to fill positions that call for a high level of responsibility and exacting requirements in Retail. And we provide our recruitment services strictly on a contingency basis – we only get paid once the contract has been signed. Not only that, we manage all associated processes from initial approaches through to interviews.

Bespoke solutions for your staffing needs

The starting point for all our recruitment experts' activities is a detailed analysis of your specific personnel needs, carried out in a one-to-one meeting with you. Together with key personnel decision makers, we clarify your exact requirements, such as professional expertise, soft skills, areas of responsibility, salary and place of employment.

Drawing on our comprehensive pool of experts, we are able to introduce candidates with specific, hard to find skills (particularly in Retail) directly to you.

Discrete and effective recruitment

Upon request, we can even place ads, in Hays format, with all the major job sites and in the trade media – all free of charge. This ensures the neutrality and discretion of our ads – a useful service when you're recruiting for positions that are not yet vacant. Our recruiters carefully review suitable applicants and then present two to three prospective candidates for you to choose from.

We can provide you with specialists in the following areas

  • Purchasing – strategic buyers, purchasing managers, category managers
  • Sales – district managers, sales managers, online shop managers
  • Expansion – expansion managers, regional expansion managers
  • Logistics – operational managers, logistics managers, supply chain managers
  • Administration – in-house sales

Your competitive advantage: Quickly finding the right candidates

Our recruiters take the time to form a personal impression of each specialist, freeing up your valuable time and taking the recruitment burden off your shoulders. What's more, by having access to numerous candidate profiles, and thanks to the close working relationships we have with colleagues in the Hays network, we can fill retail positions swiftly and efficiently. We help you get the right specialists – before your competitors get them first. This means we help you ensure your organisation's strategic competitive advantage.

We also support you in the field of Executive search. Just contact us!

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