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  • Florian Lauber,
  • Divisional Manager
  • Munich office
  • Region: all of Germany
Your contact for freelancers and temp specialists
Florian Lauber
Florian Lauber

After completing my master's degree, I initially worked as a project manager at a leading international agency for brand experience agency before moving to Hays. In that capacity I worked in the areas of IT and Managed Service Provision.

From 2008, I was initially responsible for growing a leading recruitment services provider in Switzerland. Subsequently I was responsible for the leadership of a recruitment firm with a focus on marketing until 2018.

Since 2019 I have been responsible for the freelancers and temp specialists at Hays with a specialisation in Marketing and Sales.

  • Hilal Wrobel,
  • Senior Department Manager Permanent
  • Düsseldorf office
  • Region: all of Germany
Your contact for permanent positions
Hilal Wrobel
Hilal Wrobel

During my law studies, I worked for an international consultancy firm. After completing my exams, I became a Senior Consultant and was made responsible for expanding the company's international business.

After seven years, my career path led me into personnel consulting and I joined Hays in 2011. In my capacity with the company, I was responsible for expanding the Permanent sector, with a special emphasis on Sales & Marketing. Additionally, I am responsible for Retail and Life Sciences.