(Video in German, Duration 01:08)


In this video, Dr. Henning Beck delivers insight into the topic of his presentation (Video is in German only)

Dr. Henning Beck, neuroscientist and author, explains how the brain's principles can be used for creative thinking. After completing his degree in biochemistry, he worked at the Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research in Tübingen and at the Institute for Physiological Chemistry at the University of Ulm. He completed his doctoral thesis in 2012 at the Graduate School of Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience in Tübingen. After graduating with an International Diploma in Project Management from the University of California at Berkeley, he went on to help companies in the San Francisco Bay Area to use modern principles of idea management so that they can become even more innovative.

Since returning to Germany, Dr. Henning Beck has regularly lectured at national and international events. He takes part in research projects at the University of Frankfurt and his books are international bestsellers that provide access on a clear and understandable level to the world of brain research. His lectures made him the German Champion at Science Slam 2012. He is a columnist for WirtschaftsWoche (Science Week) as well as for the magazine's manager seminars. In the GEO video series "Wunderwelt Gehirn" (The Amazing World of the Brain) he regularly provides fascinating information about our grey matter and in his weekly interview column at Deutschlandfunk Nova he reports on the latest findings in brain research.

His latest book "Das neue Lernen - heißt Verstehen" (Understanding is the New Learning) will be published in spring 2020 by Ullstein Verlag and offers the latest findings for successfully shaping the future of learning.