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Are you looking for a permanent position as a doctor, a placement as a locum or a temp opportunity?

Are you looking for experts in the Healthcare sector?

Hays – Recruitment services in the Healthcare industry

As a recruitment services provider, we find you the right healthcare experts and specialists

Are you looking for specialists and management executives in the healthcare sector or would you like to advance your own career as a doctor or nurse? As a recruitment services provider for the healthcare industry, we bring applicants and companies together and are experts in healthcare recruitment. Get in touch and learn more about our services now.

Recruitment in the healthcare sector

Are you looking for a locum doctor either in a temporary capacity, as a fee-based physician or as a permanent employee? Or are you yourself looking for a new challenge in the healthcare industry? We have more than 50 years of experience in healthcare recruitment and know what's important when individuals are looking for a new job or medical institutions are looking for qualified medical professionals and trained nurses. Contact us – We look forward to hearing from you.

Recruitment services providers in the healthcare sector: Careers and opportunities

We place physicians, management executives and administrative personnel in suitable positions while ensuring we handle all aspects of the process discreetly and personally. We fill positions in the following and other specialist areas:

  • Doctors for clinics, hospitals and practices
  • Emergency doctors
  • Ship's doctors
  • Company and occupational health physicians
  • Physicians' assistants
  • Technical assistants
  • In-house and medical technicians in hospitals
  • Hospital administrative staff

Successfully finding jobs in the healthcare industry

Searching for the right job can be challenging for medical professionals. We have good contacts with clinics, hospitals and practices and often learn about vacancies before they are advertised on job boards. We are also your contact for any questions you may have concerning your application documents and will be happy to optimise these together with you. Contact your personal Hays representative or send us your documents now.

Healthcare recruitment: Temp employment

There is an increased demand for qualified and specialised physicians. This makes searching for personnel increasingly time consuming. We can provide you with competent physicians with flexible deployment options as part of a temporary employment arrangement: This includes specialists and senior physicians as well as junior physicians and administrative staff. You then decide how long our Hays experts continue to work for you. We will propose suitable candidates to you within 24 hours of your request. Get in touch with us: You can visit us at one of our numerous locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland or contact us via our contact form.

Permanent employment in the Healthcare sector

Permanent employment is still one of the most popular forms of employment available today. If you're looking for long-term qualified employees in the Healthcare sector, we're here to help you. We provide you with experienced physicians, committed junior staff and qualified nurses as well as support you throughout the entire application process. We rely on an extensive network of contacts to find you the staff you need. Learn more about what Hays can do for you when it comes to healthcare recruitment: You can reach us by email, phone or via our contact form.

Temporary employment in Healthcare: Contracting

Are you looking for a freelance doctor? Then Contracting is an interesting option for you. We have a large network of professional contacts in the healthcare sector and use a multi-level quality management system to identify the people whose qualifications best meet your requirements. We can even propose suitable candidates to you within 48 hours of your initial enquiry. Feel free to contact us – We look forward to hearing from you.

Looking for a job or project?

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Looking for specialists?

With us, you can find the right experts for temporary positions, statements of work, contracting and permanent employment.

Hays Gender Diversity Report

Women are less likely than their male co-workers to believe that pay equality and equal career opportunities exist for both, according to our latest survey.