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The automotive industry has traditionally been one of the pillars of the German economy. However, the auto industry is also feeling the effects of new trends. Electric mobility, changing customer behaviour, but also a move away from purely manufacturing vehicles and shifting towards using the car as a data source are among the developments that companies in the automotive industry have to face. Already one fifth of working time in many companies has been devoted to digital processes with the digital transformation also bringing with it a change in the way processes are organised. For the automotive industry, this also means a staff-level change – that is, moving away from experienced generalists to young innovators.

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For fifteen years, Hays has been at the forefront of providing professional recruitment services. Our automotive industry experts have the experience and contacts to offer you exactly the top-notch professionals your company needs. We rely on proactive strategies to power our recruitment process. This means we are already searching for the appropriate experts before you even contact us. We manage and maintain our network of business contacts specifically so that we can offer you the bespoke experts and executives you need. Conversely, by using a careful selection process and conducting numerous face-to-face interviews with our applicants, we ensure we place prospective employees where their skills best meet the company's requirements.

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Due to a re-evaluation of the use of fossil fuels, as well as the increasing digitisation of the components used, the automotive industry is undergoing a period of profound change. As the management consultancy McKinsey has noted, the auto industry will have to brace itself for uncertainty in the coming years. Companies in the automotive industry that want to be successful and grow need to anticipate new trends in the market and be able to add new, innovative offerings to their core business. Skilled specialists with the right know-how help maintain and increase the profitability and viability of a company. Take advantage of our network and expertise! Get in touch with us today. Our team of recruitment experts will be happy to advise you.

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