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Electrical engineering – one of the five most important industries

The electrical engineering industry is one of the five major export sectors in Germany. This versatile industry ensures that plants and equipment use electricity efficiently. As one of Germany's fundamental industries, the electrical engineering sector in particular adapted to the requirements of digitisation and Industry 4.0 several years ago and as a consequence was able to maintain its leading position on the global markets. Safety systems and lighting solutions, consumer electronics and household appliances, as well as electronic components for the automotive industry are still highly regarded for their quality. German companies are also actively involved in the manufacture of microchips and in nanotechnology. Electrical engineering in Germany is regarded worldwide as a driver of innovation.

Recruitment services for the electrical engineering industry

For 15 years, one of the core Hays competencies as a recruitment services provider has been recruiting specialists, experts and management executives for the electrical engineering industry and its numerous sub-sectors. The globally active electrical industry in Germany directly benefits from our 250 branches in 33 countries, because our recruiters keep an eye on regional developments as well as global trends. This is why we use a proven, proactive recruitment strategy: Thanks to our international network, we can supply you with exactly the candidates who meet your company's demanding requirements.

One of our particular strengths is we don't just rely on qualifications, rather we attach a great deal of importance to personal interviews so that we can form a truly comprehensive impression of our candidates. This means we can be certain that we fill tenders for even the highest management positions to your complete satisfaction.

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In the coming years, the electronics industry will have to keep pace with rapid technological development and competition on global markets. German products are still considered world class, but Asian competitors in particular are rapidly catching up. In Industry 4.0, the electrical engineering industry in Germany can be regarded as the market leader, even if the transformation to the smart factories of the future has not yet been completed.

The challenge now lies in implementing the Internet of Things as well as software solutions that make supply chains faster, more transparent and smarter. Companies that are able to bring new technologies to market quickly and thus shorten their production cycle will become industry leaders, as will manufacturers, who, with innovative concepts, can position themselves as suppliers to the automotive industry. The use of alternative energy sources – sometimes touted as the "energy revolution" – is still in progress and will bring with it opportunities for new products. In short, there is still much to be done in electrical engineering. It is therefore all the more important to invest in talent in advance so that the skilled workers and experts who will make companies fit for the markets of the future are already in place. This is where you need Hays – the recruiter who can support you with their years of professional experience and expertise!

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