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Mechanical engineering in Germany – It's about quality. German machinery and plant engineers are world renowned, highly qualified and often market leaders. Their products are in great demand at home and are also much sought after outside Europe as well. However, it is clear there is some catching up to be done when it comes to digitisation, especially in production. A successful transformation will allow companies in the mechanical engineering industry to meet the demand for customer-specific solutions, quickly and flexibly, so that they can survive even under increased competitive conditions. To do this, however, companies need skilled workers, external experts and managers to drive this change.

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Hays has the skills to support your business in the current economy. We have been providing professional recruitment services to the market for 15 years. During this time we have established and expanded a network of professional business contacts and our recruitment process has also been developed both for and with our customers. At Hays, we believe in proactive recruitment. Thanks to their own practical experience and expertise, our specialists in mechanical and plant engineering are able to maintain an overview of the market and select the best experts and management executives for your company. By focusing on both a candidate's professional qualifications as well as our own evaluation of the individual as part of a personal interview, we ensure we can fill even the most demanding projects for companies in mechanical engineering. And for employees, we find opportunities where their individual competencies and the requirements of the company are met in the best possible way.

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The mechanical engineering industry – things have changed

With Industry 4.0, mechanical engineering is undergoing a significant paradigm shift. This development represents a departure from the traditional production line approach. Instead, it has been replaced by a networked production approach that depends on web-based communication and information models. These allow for demand-driven, highly flexible and individualised means of production, shorter development and test cycles and faster commissioning of the finished solutions. After-sales and services are becoming at least as important as manufacturing in plant and mechanical engineering. For the mechanical engineering industry, this means that traditional business models now need to be expanded to include new areas of activity. New forms of organisation and communication must be found and implemented. You can find exactly the experts your company needs with Hays! Please feel free to get in touch! We look forward to hearing from you!

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