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Companies in the pharmaceutical industry as well as those in biotechnology are currently having to reorient themselves in a rapidly changing business environment. Both demographic change and digitalisation are placing new demands on the pharmaceutical industry, while biotechnology is gaining ground in dealing with diseases, tapping new food sources and energy resources for a growing world population. All companies in the Life Sciences sector undoubtedly have enormous potential, but at the same time they must cope with a shortage of specialists that spans both industries and countries. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology experts who meet the highest standards are the hope of the entire sector.

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At Hays, we can look back on 15 years of experience as a global provider of recruitment services. With 250 offices in over 30 countries, our extensive worldwide network includes a wealth of business contacts. We can recruit highly qualified specialists for your company – whether you're in biotechnology or the pharmaceutical industry in Germany. Our experts observe international trends and proactively recruit specialists today for tomorrow's markets. We have experienced recruiters who, using their industry and market knowledge, are experts at filling challenging positions. At the same time, it is important to us to ensure we match our candidates' qualifications and competencies with your requirements as part of a personal interview.

We also know which top class executives might be inclined to move to your company. Our diverse contacts and experience make us a strong partner for the pharmaceutical industry. Get in touch with us and find out what we can do for your company!

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The pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology face major challenges

As in other areas of the health care system, companies in the pharmaceutical industry and in biotechnology are particularly confronted with the current shortage of skilled workers. If these companies want to exploit their growth potential in developing new products and solutions, they need highly qualified specialists who are also in strong global demand. So when recruiting personnel, it is important to invest in talent for future growth areas and to avoid making poor staffing choices wherever possible. Companies that want to remain competitive are particularly dependent on working with an experienced, well-networked recruitment services provider. Hays is the right partner for the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology for making and keeping your company fit for the demands of the future.

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