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The logistics and transport industry is facing new challenges

Traffic, transport and logistics are among the sectors that are particularly challenged by the digital transformation, the use of alternative energy sources, new mobility options and changes in living and consumption habits. Current processes and job profiles in transport and logistics will make way for new processes and activities. In addition to new technologies, key trends include a focus on greater sustainability and resource conservation and a shift in emphasis from the product to the customer. And for companies in the transport and commerce sector as well as for logistics specialists, new perspectives and opportunities are opening up for the future. So it's clear: In order to keep up with a changing market, companies need qualified specialists, experts and managers.

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Hays has been a successful recruitment services provider for 15 years. We are represented at 250 offices in Germany and more than 30 other countries. So we can support you with regional as well as international connections and competencies. Our global network of business contacts includes skilled professionals, experts and management executives – highly qualified specialists in their individual fields who we can recruit and place with your company.

With Hays, you have the advantage of experts who monitor market developments in their respective industries in order to identify trends as early as possible. This enables us to recruit proactively – always giving us the competitive edge. Our optimised and proven recruitment process, refined and established over many years, places a great deal of value on face-to-face conversations with companies and candidates. This means we can ensure that your tenders are filled with candidates who meet the highest standards.

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Far-reaching changes in three important industries

Digitisation has a particular relevance when it comes to commerce, transport and logistics. Because these three sectors are intertwined with virtually all other industries, the challenges they face must be met through new integrated communication, manufacturing and delivery processes. In particular, cooperation with telecommunications and IT, with new vehicle technologies from the automotive industry and with new concepts in urban planning, infrastructure and mobility in the construction industry will open up a wealth of new opportunities.

At the same time, it is foreseeable that through the use of intelligent software solutions and autonomous transport offerings (e.g. drones), corporate processes will bring about a radical change for entire business sectors. Experts assume that within the next decade the commerce, transport and logistics sectors in particular will be transformed by disruptive innovation. In order to remain viable and competitive, investment in the promotion and retention of talent is an important prerequisite. Hays will put you in touch with the experts and specialists you need!

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