RECRUITMENT CONSULTANCY and temporary opportunities

Are you looking for a permanent position as a doctor, a placement as a locum or a temp opportunity?

Are you looking for experts in the Healthcare sector?

The increasing demand for qualified doctors is making the search for personnel increasingly more difficult for hospitals. New solutions are needed, because traditional recruitment methods alone are no longer sufficient to meet today's needs.

As experienced recruitment services providers, our healthcare specialists bring clinics and physicians together in a number of ways: Through the use of traditional job ads, job fairs, personal networking and web-based social media recruitment, we combine a range of possibilities to form an extensive recruitment network. We proactively seek out personal contacts with physicians and other healthcare professionals before vacancies become available with our customers. Hays is always available, independent and always acts with due discretion.

Whether you need experienced physicians, motivated, newly-qualified doctors or medical and non-medical hospital professionals – the foundation of all our recruitment activities is a detailed needs analysis, carried out as part of a personal consultation meeting with you:

  • Jobs for clinical professionals: Medical, technical and administrative staff.
  • Positions for junior doctors: Our specialists review applications and highlight opportunities that can give your career a quick start.
  • Positions for consultant physicians: Specialists in their respective fields find out from us about vacancies that enable them to utilise the full extent of their particular qualifications.
  • Positions for senior physicians: We offer options with strategic potential so your career doesn't reach its end before it reaches its peak.
  • Positions for heads of department: Wherever mission-critical positions need to be filled, we bring medical managers and hospital administrators together.

The professional standards of our recruitment consultants

We know the right candidate best suited to your needs - whether as a permanent member of staff or on a freelance basis as a fee-based doctor or on a temporary employment as a medical or non-medical professional. The cornerstones of our services are quality-assured recruitment processes (DIN ISO 9001) and sustainable relationships with clinics and candidates. These ensure that we are always conscious of the needs of all parties so that we can swiftly resolve any problems and provide optimal recruitment services.

This, in turn, provides physicians with an up-to-date overview of the market so that they never miss an opportunity to advance their careers. And hospitals can present their particular strengths to candidates, thus improving their success rates for recruiting new doctors. Both doctors and clinics benefit from our profound experience and services in the healthcare sector.

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Hays Gender Diversity Report

Women are less likely than their male co-workers to believe that pay equality and equal career opportunities exist for both, according to our latest survey.