Hays forum 2018

Information regarding the Hays forum 2019 you will find here in the beginning of the year 2019.

The Hays-Forum is an annual, closed series of events (in German) to which we invite selected customers and business partners. With the Hays-Forum, we offer a platform for presenting and discussing key management issues where both before and after the lecture participants have the opportunity to chat and network with each other.

The topic of this year´s Hays-Forum was "Agility & Co. – Between Hype and Reality"

Particularly in the field of digitalisation, there seems to be no end of cure-alls that promise a bright, shiny and well-organised future for businesses. But what are the side effects of these often blanket, one-size-fits-all "solutions"? Are we really helping ourselves by looking for new tools that often only serve to make all the wrong things even "more perfect"? An alternative, however, to this endless and often fruitless search to becoming an agile company is through clever experimentation. Because it's only through these experiments – especially when it comes to organisational and leadership issues – that great opportunities for agility exist.

In a both entertaining and informative lecture that draws on meaningful, real-world examples, the "Musterbrecher" showed you how successful companies have developed and expanded their agile organisations.

Hays HR-Report 2018

Our HR Report 2018 focuses on the extent to which companies have already developed agile organisations and the areas in which they should continue to be active. Entitled "How Agile are German Companies?", our Marketing Manager, Frank Schabel, will present you with the key empirical results of our HR report.