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Are you interested in realising freelance projects with our renowned customers? Then the following tips and templates can help you to present yourself in the best possible way.

Freelancer sample profile

Here you can download a free sample Freelancer profile to help you put together your own project history (Word format).

Guidelines to help you create your CV:

  • Please present your CV/your project history in tabular form.
  • Please list your previous projects in chronologically descending order.
  • Please indicate for every project in which month and year you started and finished it so that your professional development will become more comprehensible. Please present month and year dates always in the same format, e.g. 10/2008 to 06/2010.
  • Please always state the company’s name and/or its industry as well as your role there. Describe your duties in detail and state your main tasks, your field of responsibility as well as your special performances. Your profile ought to reflect your current professional focus.
  • Please state for every project which tools/technologies were used (e.g. development environment, CAD tools, SAP modules etc.).
  • Please mention standards, methods, certifications etc. which determine how you work (e.g. ITIL, IFRS, Bilanzbuchhalter IHK (Certified Management Accountant), CIA, Basel 2, MaRisk etc.).
  • Please list your language skills using the following assessment scale: Native language, business fluent, fluent, sound knowledge, basic knowledge. Preferably you send us one German and one English version of your profile.
  • Ideally you mention two to three individuals in your application who can provide reference for you. Please indicate the position and contact details of the respective contact person.

We are looking forward to receiving your application!

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