Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Solutions for recruiting in permanent employment


We get to know your specific challenges and goals and understand who the perfect fit for your business is.

With Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) we take over your recruitment processes for permanent employees—either the process as a whole or specific key aspects of your recruitment efforts. We integrate as part of your team and cooperate with your HR managers to establish a rapid and successful recruitment process for the talent you need.



Recruitment Process Outsourcing made easy (Duration 2:21 minutes)


Mit Expertise und Flexibilität zu den besten Talenten

Erfahren Sie in unserem Factsheet, wie Sie durch die Auslagerung Ihrer Prozesse an Hays als RPO-Partner die besten Talente finden und binden.


RPO offers you these advantages:


Proven reduction in time-to-hire, resulting in continuous productivity.


Reliable access to highly qualified talent, thanks to a continuous selection process.


Ongoing process monitoring and evaluation increase transparency and identify optimization potential.


Rapid access to candidates thanks to years of experience and worldwide reach.


Digital solutions by our strategic partners such as LinkedIn, Xing or candidate management software enable us to complement your recruitment process with the right tools.


We offer flexibly scalable RPO projects and services on-demand to fit your needs.


Our services

The recruitment process, spanning from the initial emergence of demand for personnel to the successful placement of a candidate, can be subdivided into multiple process steps and modules.


In the planning phase we analyze and plan your requirements in close cooperation with your HR management and specialist departments. We then work with you to develop a recruitment strategy as well as the corresponding process.


One important step in any recruitment strategy is to determine how to best approach potential candidates. How do we utilize career websites, job boards, campaigns, and so on? What does a successful channel mix look like? Additionally, in many cases it is advisable to approach candidates actively and directly, which means incorporating an Volume Sourcing strategy.


The selection process guarantees that only profiles of the highest quality reach your desk. We examine each and every incoming application, conduct interviews and only forward profiles of candidates who offer the required skills and are a good fit for your corporate culture. We then coordinate with you to organize assessment centers and support you with the final selection.


Once you have found the right candidate, we take care of the hiring process and contractual negotiations. We ensure all necessary documents are in order and signed, stay in touch with your new employee, provide important onboarding information, and function as single point of contact for any queries you may have.

Weitere Services

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Employer Branding

To be successful in this highly competitive and complex labour market, a long-term employer branding strategy is crucial. A strong and proactively marketed employer brand is the only tangible advantage companies have today to position themselves as an "employer of choice" for the best candidates.

Our in-house Employer Branding Studio brings together experts from the fields of marketing, digital, graphics, content, branding, events and data. Together, we develop customised concepts to professionalise and further develop our clients' employer brand. We create various assets to advertise open positions and specific company divisions both online and offline.

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Talent Relationship Management

Our aim is to retain the right talent for your company in the long term. With our strategic and operational measures, we create a sustainable relationship with your potential future employees. We maintain targeted and regular contact with alumni, silver medalists and promising, passively searching talent with content tailored specifically to you and your target group. In this way, we position you today as the employer of choice for the talents of tomorrow and improve the efficiency of your future recruiting activities.

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Julian Dalquen

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Julian Dalquen
Julian Dalquen

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Sales Director RPO
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Dr. Frerk Schäfers
Dr. Frerk Schäfers

Whitepaper: Best Practices in RPO

Only available in German.

Recruitment process outsourcing leicht gemacht - Eine Einführung in die Auslagerung von Rekrutierungsprozessen
Recruitment process outsourcing leicht gemacht - Eine Einführung in die Auslagerung von Rekrutierungsprozessen
Recruitment process outsourcing leicht gemacht - Eine Einführung in die Auslagerung von Rekrutierungsprozessen

As companies strive to build a workforce that is ready for tomorrow's world of work, HR departments face two challenges at once: On the one hand, they have to meet the requirements of the existing organisation, but on the other hand, they also have to drive the company-wide transformation.

Our white paper "RPO - EASY TO DO" is designed to help you decide whether recruitment process outsourcing is right for your company. [only German]


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