Hays supports you in all things related to workforce management. Actively. Reliably. Flexibly. For any form of employment.

What is 360° Workforce Management?

With Intelligent Workforce Management we optimize your procurement and management processes for personnel resources for all types of employment—from cooperation with freelancers to personnel leasing, permanent employment and statements of work. We function as a single point of contact for all your personnel procurement processes as well as your supplier management.


New MSP service: SOW Management

Hays complements its product portfolio in the MSP Services business segment with the management of SOW/works contracts

This provides maximum transparency over all your expenses in the flexible procurement forms!


Workforce Management and RPO
as recorded Events

Our customers and experts share their experiences with you in best practices, technology and implementation of External Workforce Management and Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

Our solutions


One single point of contact for everything

Supplier management, coordinating and transforming the procurement process to digital—with MSP we merge all the threads together and function as your single point of contact for managing all of your external personnel.


Digitalization and automation

Vendor Management Systems enable us to digitalize and automate all your procurement and management processes related to external resources. The result: less administrative workload, more flexibility, transparency, and efficiency.


Solutions for permanent employment

We analyze your requirements and implement a continuous recruitment strategy that considers everything from planning and approach, selection and hiring to candidate loyalty.


Finding and convincing top talent

In the competition for top talent, an active approach is an essential requirement for success. We know where to find the optimal candidates and how to craft a targeted approach in your name, so we can fill your vacancies with the best people out there.

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  • Esther Schlichte,
  • Area Manager Strategic Relationship Management
  • Region: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Esther Schlichte

By combining my many years of experience in selling complex services with my insights into various industries, my team and I have the goal of working together with our customers to reliably recruit and manage specialists for the future.

Today, our customers are able to achieve more efficient staff procurement and thus save both time and money. At the same time, using the latest technology enables them to achieve a significantly higher level of transparency regarding their expenditures and the performance of individual suppliers, enabling them to make better decisions more quickly.

A particular factor for our customers' success is our ability to ensure a smooth introduction of services and to prepare their internal organisation for change by using a proven and constantly updated change management process.