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Regardless of whether you are currently searching for a new position, it makes sense to regularly update your CV for promoting your long-term career development. Like this, your CV will always contain your new skills, responsibilities and achievements. If you service your car once a year, why don't you invest the same time to update your CV and online profiles?

A CV is a constant work in progress. And, just like your car, if you don’t service it regularly it won’t perform as well as it could. Even if you’ve been in the same role for years or aren’t ready to apply for new jobs, you regularly gain new skills, experiences and successes that should be reflected in your CV and online profiles. Other advantages of updating your CV and online profiles regularly include the ability to quickly apply for your dream job if it becomes available and projecting an accurate representation of your abilities to hiring managers and colleagues online. Regular updates also ensure you have pertinent details fresh in your mind at the time of writing.

Think about the following questions

When updating your CV, there are a few things to consider:

  • Firstly, what new technologies have you worked with and which digital or technical skills have you acquired last year?
  • Is there a project you’ve worked on that you’re proud of? Is this project a better example for your skills than an older project you have included in your CV and online profiles? If so, you should replace the old one.
  • You’ve attended certain courses, received an award, or have been praised because of good work? Then you should add this information, too.
  • Is it possible to express your performance in figures? HR managers and recruiters like to see evidence of your success, for example the number of regular visitors to your blog or by how many percent you have exceeded an originally set target.
  • Do you have more duties and responsibilities than before? If so, mention them and the related outcomes in your CV.

Continuous development of your skills

If you look at your CV once a year, you will automatically think about what you can offer to a potential employer. Today, every single industry is experiencing change. If you review your CV and find out that your skills do no longer meet the employers’ requirements, then it's time to develop them.

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What is a video interview, and what are the special types of video interview?

A video interview is a type of job interview in which the applicant talks to a recruiter via video chat. The conversation can take place either in real time or after a time delay. The synonyms for a video interview include online job interview, online interview, digital job interview, online job talk, digital interview and virtual job interview.
In a time-delayed video interview, the applicants are provided with a list of questions beforehand and have a certain amount of time to record and transmit their answers.
Another alternative is the so-called video pitch. This is a short presentation which the applicant records and sends to the company. It is a question of presenting yourself concisely and convincingly within a short time, and highlighting your own skills and experience. The video pitch is frequently used as a supplement to the CV and cover letter method, and can help applicants to be shortlisted more quickly.

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