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Hays - More than 50 years of service and experience
Because Hays is a major player in the field of personnel services, it's impossible to think of the recruitment industry and not think of Hays. With 257 offices in 33 countries, this internationally active company can look back over its more than 50 years of experience with pride. Whether it's supplying professionals in the medical sector, IT industry, sales or finance, Hays is the go-to personnel services provider.

What our customers think

Here you can find testimonials from some of our customers.

IT experts for Bertelsmann

Hays Talent Solutions sources external IT professionals at Bertelsmann.

German Supervisory Agency

Hays reviews exhaust air systems in Asia.

Mansfelder Kupfer and Messing GmbH

When searching for a new corporate lawyer, MKM relied on advice supplied by Hays.


Cooper-Standard Automotive

Hays strengthens quality assurance at Cooper-Standard Automotive.

Medical technology company

A new diagnostic device for use in ophthalmology.

Burgenlandkreis Clinic

Today, a new clinic lawyer is available to provide support in all legal matters. Only available in German.

A clearly defined focus
Finding competent experts with proven, in-depth knowledge is both costly and time-consuming. When you're looking for just the right person to fill a role, you want someone with more than just professional competence. Having the right soft skills is also important – something that is often overlooked in most ordinary recruitment processes. With Hays by your side, you can rest assured we won't just ask about such skills, we'll expect them – right from the start.

Your Hays recruitment team consists of trained recruitment specialists who have access to an enormous pool of in-demand experts.
We specialise in nine different competency areas on the German-speaking market, so can find just the right candidate for you. This enables us to fulfil practically any special requirements you may have for your future employees.

More than 3,300 satisfied customers in Germany alone
Our 27 offices in Germany and a total of 30 offices in the D-A-CH region speak for themselves: Hays is taking care of business. Whether it's putting together entire teams, looking for permanent roles or moving from one company to another – the Hays global network offers competent support and assistance in all areas of recruitment and temp employment.

Worldwide expertise – right on your doorstep
Hays has grown to become a one of the world's leading recruitment services providers with over 11,000 employees on four continents. After 50 years of service and currently 257 offices worldwide, we have amassed an unparalleled wealth of experience that all our customers can rely on.

We also understand the importance of focusing on quality, which is why we place such a high value on living up to the standards we have set for ourselves. We don't just "talk the talk", we "walk the walk": Hardly a year has gone by where we haven't increased our budgets and seen real milestones in growth.

Isn't it about time you looked into what Hays can do for you?

customer satisfaction

What our candidates think

In this video interview, three candidates talk about there experiences with Hays (only in German).

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