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Are you looking for support in the recruitment of railway experts?

The future of the railway industry is characterised by rather dissatisfied customers, a price and competitive pressure, a difficult supply chain situation as well as investment needs. On the other hand, ongoing urbanisation and rapid population growth in large cities and metropolitan areas make the railway indispensable as the primary means of transport.

The railway industry contributes significantly to the climate-friendly shift of traffic from road to rail. No other motorised means of transport is as climate-friendly as the railway. And this holds an enormous potential for the industry. A stronger focus on rail transport offers the possibility of reducing CO2 emissions by around ten million tonnes per year, which corresponds to the annual CO2 footprint of one million people.

No one can predict whether we will soon be travelling around by Hyperloop. However, one thing is certain: Infrastructure expansion, innovation and digitalisation make the rail industry an important factor in climate protection and future mobility. And so the railway industry is driving both infrastructure and digitalisation projects – and often confronts companies with a shortage of skilled workers. Offering specialised recruitment services, Hays has the right solution for this.

Your contact persons in railway recruitment services 

Are you currently looking for qualified specialists and managers in the railway industry? Together, we can quickly and flexibly respond to the current situation in your particular area. Contact our experts for any questions regarding your workforce strategy and find experienced professionals for the various specialisations in the railway industry (IT, engineering, construction & property, sales & marketing and many more).

Your contact persons

  • Ingo Sauer,
  • Senior Head of Department
  • Friedrichstraße 88
  • 10117 Berlin
Ingo Sauer
  • Sven Pötter,
  • Senior Head of Department
  • Im Mediapark 8
  • 50670 Köln
Sven Pötter

Always one stop ahead: The railway industry as a high-tech domain with great potential for the future 

The railway industry is currently tackling several challenges at the same time. Apart from zero emissions, energy efficiency, intermodal connectivity and quiet logistics, it must also focus on digitally connected rail systems at international level and the associated cyber security.

Despite record investments by the federal and state governments in rail infrastructure, the right course for targeted implementation is lacking. Slow planning and approval procedures are additionally slowing the industry down.

In order to meet the future requirements of the rail industry, specialists must have diverse expertise

  • in digitalisation of the railway industry 

  • in infrastructure expansion

  • in IT sector

  • in innovative battery, hydrogen and hybrid solutions

  • in environmental protection

  • in infotainment offerings

  • in predictive maintenance or loading monitoring.

Are you wondering where you can find these specialists for your vacancies? With and at Hays. Because we invest in lifelong partnerships and, as a specialised recruitment company in the railway industry, we know the people who will help you move forward. From project coordinators in the infrastructure area, project managers and quality managers all the way to experts in the field of digitalisation. In addition, we support the railway industry to a large extent in information technology by providing experts in innovative areas such as AI, data-based business models and cyber security.

How you can benefit from Hays as your railway HR service provider

  • Your point of contact for recruiting in the rail industry – we have the direct connection to your specialists

  • Precise matching of the required and available candidate qualifications

  • Short response time

  • Selection of the right experts for your needs

  • Our remuneration: Purely performance-based

Professional proximity and digital processes for efficient recruitment of specialists

For more than 20 years, Hays has successfully supported the railway industry in the recruitment of qualified specialists and managers. Our extensive pool of candidates gives you access to numerous talents with best practice experience and a high level of implementation competency.

By utilising our consulting services you benefit from our competencies and reliability. We will support you throughout the entire project duration, giving you advise on all contractual options we offer.

Types of contract

We are glad to support you with the following types of contract

Pro-Rail Alliance

Hays is a supporting member of Allianz pro Schiene e. V. (Pro-Rail Alliance), a non-profit and independent association aiming at the promotion of environmentally friendly and safe rail transport. The alliance unites non-profit organisations, which are committed to rail transport for idealistic reasons and want to improve it (members), and companies operating in the railway industry (supporting members). The association works at national level and with a European orientation.


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