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Finding and binding the right applicants –
valuable recruiting tips

Companies of all sizes are regularly on the lookout for qualified, experienced and highly motivated employees. But how do you find new employees who fulfil the requirements of the job advertisement in an optimum way? Even though the qualifications of the future employees are very important, your own company presentation plays a decisive role when it comes to attracting the attention of the future applicants. This is where you can present and therefore score points with your company philosophy and the company-specific advantages and attractive benefits.

Good personnel recruiting is a mammoth task which requires a considerable amount of instinct, but also the necessary know-how of what the ever-changing job market requires. In the same way as companies should formulate their requirements precisely to the applicants, it is also a case of knowing the expectations and needs of the applicants in order to achieve an optimum match between the advertised job and the people who are applying for it.

We provide you with valuable recruiting tips and orientation for your targeted employee recruitment.

  1. 1
  2. Ten tips for your successful personnel recruiting

    Find out whether you need support, and the area in which you need it.

  3. 2
  4. Ten tips for your successful personnel recruiting

    Identify your target group.

  5. 3
  6. Ten tips for your successful personnel recruiting

    Search where your target group is also searching.

  7. 4
  8. Ten tips for your successful personnel recruiting

    If you use social media platforms such as LinkedIn, XING, Twitter or Instagram to search, use hashtags as well.

  9. 5
  10. Ten tips for your successful personnel recruiting

    Be direct and make use of the potential of active sourcing.

  11. 6
  12. Ten tips for your successful personnel recruiting

    Surprise them with active sourcing using personal voice messages.

  13. 7
  14. Ten tips for your successful personnel recruiting

    Motivate your prospects to apply to you online.

  15. 8
  16. Ten tips for your successful personnel recruiting

    Give quick feedback! This is how you create your initial connections.

  17. 9
  18. Ten tips for your successful personnel recruiting

    Create a basis of trust – be genuine and direct.

  19. 10
  20. Ten tips for your successful personnel recruiting

    Use the arguments of your employees to persuade potential applicants.

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What can you consider when you are planning your personnel?

A company's success always depends on its employees. Precise planning of human resources is therefore essential in order to be competitive and survive during times of skills shortages and demographic change. Companies are currently facing the major task and challenge of reaching the next generation, quickly filling open positions, familiarising new team members remotely or meeting increasing demands.

You should therefore proceed in three steps with qualitative personnel planning:

  1. Define the services that your employees should provide in the future.
  2. Define requirements that result from the services.
  3. Derive qualifications that your employees must have in order to be able to meet the requirements.

However, regardless of how well prepared your requirement profile may be, it is possible that the candidates that you are looking for do not apply for the job which you have advertised.

No reason to panic.

Because even if applicants are not a perfect match for your requirement profile, they should be taken into consideration. They are often very flexible and very motivated to carry out further training and familiarise themselves with new topics. Be flexible and recognise the potential that some applicants bring with them. You can effectively counteract the skills shortage in this way.

The perfect job advertisement – your trump card in personnel recruiting

A job advertisement that is as precise as possible shows that you know exactly who you are looking for and for which position. On the other hand, it gives applicants a detailed insight into possible work areas and assignments within your company.

Use the following guidelines as a guide, and give your applicants a good description of their future role:

  1. 1. Start your job posting with information about the position, the scope of employment, a brief, concise job description and a brief introduction to your company
  2. Describe the main tasks and point out any special features if necessary (e.g. intensive travel activities)
  3. Provide information about the required qualifications
  4. Specify your preferred start date and the location
  5. You should also provide the contact person's contact details, including the address to which to send the application documents
  6. Let your candidates know how your application process works

The salary plays a part in every vacant position, but you do not have to make a statement about it in the advertisement. However, you can give your applicants an idea of what the salary will be or ask them about their salary expectations.

  1. 1
  2. Beginnen Sie Ihre Stellenausschreibung mit Angaben zur Position, dem Beschäftigungsumfang, einer knappen, prägnanten Tätigkeitsbeschreibung und einer kurzen Vorstellung Ihres Unternehmens

  3. 2
  4. Beschreiben Sie die Hauptaufgaben und weisen Sie ggf. auf Besonderheiten hin (z.B. intensive Reisetätigkeit)

  5. 3
  6. Machen Sie Angaben zu den geforderten Qualifikationen

  7. 4
  8. Geben Sie den bevorzugten Arbeitsbeginn und den Arbeitsort an

  9. 5
  10. Informieren Sie außerdem über die Kontaktdaten der Ansprechperson inklusive der Adresse für die Zusendung der Bewerbungsunterlagen

  11. 6
  12. Teilen Sie Ihren Kandidatinnen und Kandidaten mit, wie der Bewerbungsprozess bei Ihnen abläuft

Das Gehalt spielt bei jeder zu besetzenden Stelle eine Rolle, dennoch müssen Sie dazu in der Ausschreibung keine Aussage tätigen. Sie können Ihren Bewerberinnen und Bewerbern aber eine Orientierung geben oder bereits nach deren Gehaltsvorstellungen fragen.

This is how you bind your staff to your company in the long term

Great, you have found and hired suitable candidates for your company. But in order to retain your staff in the long term, it is not only your employees who have to go about their work. As a company, you should also offer incentives so that you can benefit from each other over the long term.

In addition to good personnel management, there should be a creative, demanding and attractive work environment. Flexible working time models as well as incentive and trainee programs can also lead to a high level of satisfaction among your employees. In this way, you are giving them the opportunity for further development within the company, which is a factor from which you will also benefit.

Experience targeted personnel recruiting with Hays

Are you looking for suitable specialists and managers? We will assist you with this, and draw on our extensive pool of applicants consisting of independent experts and highly qualified employees with extensive industrial knowledge. We will be able to present you with your ideal candidates and arrange first interviews within a very short time. Start working with Hays now to find your next employees.

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