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  • Are you short on IT experts that are critical for your company?
  • Is this lack of professionals adversely affecting your business options?
  • But remote work is firmly integrated into your working processes?


Then it's worth considering experts from nearby countries (nearshoring).

Hays can give you access to a growing number of IT specialists from other European countries, including experts in software development, business analysis and software testing. Whether in a team or on their own, our experts can provide remote support for your projects from countries throughout Europe.

The benefits are obvious: Our experts from nearby countries will quickly integrate themselves into your projects. Your nearshoring experts will have a similar understanding of quality to that in Germany, and cultural similarities will make communication easier. And there's a pleasant side benefit: There's very little time difference, if any!


Mindshore by Hays:
Success in nearshoring together with our international partners

We've sought and found on your behalf.

Over 150 international partner companies, already under contract, provide us with the know-how of their IT professionals.

And more are joining us each day. Whether it's experts from Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Spain or Portugal, you could start using the permanently employed IT specialists of our partner network in service contracts as soon as tomorrow. Reap the benefits of our many years of experience in contracting, now including professionals from nearby countries.
Take advantage of the opportunity to steer your IT projects towards success even more efficiently, cost-effectively and – above all – safely with our Mindshore service and find your nearshoring experts with Hays now.

Mindshore - Find IT experts for your projects quickly and easily with Hays' nearshoring solution

Once we're aware of your project request, we’ll start looking for suitable IT professionals. We'll screen the skills of the candidates, conduct interviews and present you with the best matches – at attractive conditions. There's nothing more for you to do: Simply choose the right IT expert for your needs once the interviews with our candidates have been carried out. 


Mindshore – nearshoring contract processes with Hays

Compliance is really important to us, and when it comes to our nearshoring solution, we also make sure that all project deployments are legally compliant. At Hays, you'll access the benefits of nearshoring via established contracting processes and our proven service contract. It's simple yet smart!

The expertise offered by our nearshoring specialists

The IT experts of our partner companies in nearby countries offer many years of professional experience in areas including the following:

Mindshore Hays

The benefits of nearshoring with Hays

Icon Stoppuhr


Access to highly qualified experts throughout Europe.

Icon Liste


Legally & regulatory contracting via service contract, proactive contractual clarification.

Icon Hände

Assured quality

Benefit from our experience with partners in nearby countries.

Icon Mann und Frau

A single contact

For all of your concerns, in Germany and Europe.

Icon Haken


Cost savings thanks to a more flexible pool of candidates.

Your Contact Person for questions and concerns

Feel free to contact me, together with you I will put your company on the road to success with nearshoring.

  • Region: Germany

  • We look forward to exchanging ideas with you. If you have any further questions, please contact us directly!

 Nearshoring and offshoring – types of outsourcing

The terms "outsourcing", "nearshoring" and "offshoring" refer to the transfer of business processes or services abroad in order to respond to a lack of available professionals at home. It has the advantage of allowing you to meet your project goals on time.


✓ Outsourcing to nearby countries

✓ More cost effective than domestic

✓ small time difference (max. two hours)

✓ cultural proximity

✓ on-site onboarding possible


✓ Outsourcing to countries with extremely low labour costs

✓ Significant cost benefit

✓ Large time differences

✓ Many cultural differences

✓ More complex organisation of work

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