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In-house - Careers within businesses for lawyers

Working as in-house legal counsel for businesses – the traditional alternative to university and law firms – is becoming a more attractive prospect for lawyers because of the many opportunities for advancement it offers due to the increasing demand for experienced lawyers. But supply and demand don't always automatically go together. Our consulting services help candidates match their own expectations with current market requirements. As part of a personal, one-to-one meeting with you, we analyse the opportunities and risks involved with specific positions, provide a salary overview and sketch out a realistic career plan for the future.

Careers with legal firms - What we can offer you

We offer candidates for legal firms an analysis of the market, an overview of the current salary situation and support in mapping out a realistic career plan for the future – services that set us above traditional headhunters. As part of a personal, one-to-one meeting, our experienced consultants – the majority of whom have themselves completed legal training – present options based on the quality of the individual's legal training, subject area and type of client. All advice and recruitment for lawyers is free of charge and, of course, completely confidential.

Recruitment tailored to your career

Given the large number of trailblazing firms, it's not easy for lawyers to immediately apply for the right legal practice. Not only are there differences in the practice groups, but also in the emphasis placed on evaluating qualifications and examination results as well as on having additional qualifications such as an LL.M. or Ph.D. This also extends to specific experience in a given industry, in legal firms as well as in the public and private sectors. Through our close contacts with leading law firms in German-speaking countries, we can open doors and highlight career paths that would otherwise remain closed to specialists.

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