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Mechanical and plant engineering
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The heart of the German investment goods industry

As Germany's second largest industry, the mechanical and plant engineering sector ensures perfect interaction between different technical sciences, driving the development of innovative concepts for machines and plants.


We will support you with the following skills

  • Software developer
  • Design engineers
  • PLC programmers
  • Project manager
  • Buyer
  • Project assistant
  • Test engineer
  • Service technician
  • Technical writer
  • Resident Engineer
  • Technical project manager
  • Laboratory technician
  • Operational buyer
  • Hardware developer
  • HSE manager
  • Logistician
  • Site manager

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Flexibility is the key to success, also in times of change

The German mechanical and plant engineering industry is internationally renowned. The best-known German companies and market leaders in this industry are currently feeling the effects of the transformation and the downturn in other industries. However, they can hold their own against their international competitors if they successfully cope with the digital transformation, the current difficult political phase and the trade dispute (and the resulting weakened demand) and shine with innovative solutions.

Digitalisation and automation according to Industry 4.0 standards are among the special challenges the industry currently faces. Thanks to the increasing availability of cloud computing, predictive maintenance based on artificial intelligence and communicating, interconnected IoT systems will gradually find their way into the everyday lives of machine and plant manufacturers.

Hays mechanical and plant engineering factsheet

Hays mechanical and plant engineering introduces itself - achieving added value with the right specialists!

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Digital transformation in mechanical engineering – actively promoted by specialists

Highly interconnected production, also called Industry 4.0, will enable the introduction of flexible manufacturing processes adapted to customer requirements as well as ever shorter test phases and faster commissioning procedures. In this context, the specialists themselves, i.e. external specialist consultants and experts trained in the new task fields, are the major drivers.

However, tomorrow’s specialists are not only required in engineering but also in marketing, sales and after-sales service. Furthermore, new forms of communication and organisational structures are needed to keep pace with the technical developments. This results in digital experts and qualified design and process engineers working hand in hand, which, in turn, connects new technologies and experience. This combination is vital for companies in the age of demographic change.

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Fit for the future – with experts provided by Hays

As one of the globally leading recruitment agencies and with 250 branch offices in more than 30 countries, and thus with a strong local presence, Hays has been satisfying regional requirements in a quick, simple and reliable way for decades now.

We have been supporting companies from different industries by providing individual services and have a comprehensive network with specialists and customers. Your advantage: We already know the experts you will need in the future. Get in touch with us without any obligation and find out more about our range of services.

Martin Hoffmann

Senior Head of Department Digital Technology & Engineering
  • Hays AG
  • City Plaza Rotebühlplatz 21-25
  • 70178 Stuttgart
Martin Hoffmann
Martin Hoffmann



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