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Teacher recruiting

Countering the shortage of educators with lateral entrants

The future for our schools looks promising—at least in terms of pupil numbers. Unfortunately, there is an enormous gap: While student numbers are set to increase by approx. 9 percent by the school year 2030/31, there will be a shortage of about 68,000 teachers at general education schools across Germany.

This is also in line with the results of the "German School Barometer" of the Robert Bosch Stiftung, for which Forsa surveyed school administrators instead of teachers for the first time: The shortage of teachers is in first place in the question about the greatest challenges for the work at schools with 67 percent.

New ideas are needed to meet the demand for qualified educators and to ensure academic education in such major and minor subjects as German, Mathematics, English, Biology, Arts, PE, Geography, foreign languages, etc.

Our experience: has shown that there are several different paths to the teaching profession—aside from classic teacher training. This is why Hays is breaking new ground in educator recruitment to open the door to state and private schools in Germany to national experts as well as international educators.

Benefit from our comprehensive, continuously growing network of potential educators to find qualified educators for your school in rural or in urban regions.


  Education by Hays - what the media says

Hays Education turns today's professionals into tomorrow's teachers. WDR, ZDF and others have already recognised this.

Want to take a look? (articles in German)

"Anwerbung von Lehrkräften" (taz, 11.03.23)

 "Auf den Lehrer kommt es an" (Podcast Sallys Welt; ab Minute 12, 11.01.23)

"Mit Headhuntern gegen den Lehrermangel" (Volksstimme, 01.12.22)

"Personalnot an Schulen - Wie eine Recruiterin europaweit nach Lehrkräften sucht" (Spiegel, 14.10.22)

"So will Sachsen-Anhalt mit Headhunter-Agenturen neue Lehrer im Ausland finden" (Business-Insider, 07.08.22)

"Sachsen-Anhalt: Headhunter gegen Lehrermangel"  (ZDF Panorama, 22.04.22)

Modellprojekt aus Sachsen-Anhalt wirbt internationale Lehrkräfte an" (MDR Sachsen-Anhalt heute, 31.03.22)

Recruitment for teachers in Saxony-Anhalt
Our success project makes staff rooms more international

A number of federal states in Germany have been struggling for years to find suitable teachers for their schools. Allowances for working in less urban areas, various training opportunities as well as programmes for lateral entrants are used in many federal states as an incentive to finding more teaching staff.

Saxony-Anhalt, however, is breaking completely new ground with us: headhunting for teachers. What does that mean? We will find people who want to enter the teaching profession but have not completed the classic German teacher training. Since early 2021 we have an established partnership in Saxony-Anhalt where we find educators from Germany and other European countries. Thanks to our strong network we were able within the first year to recruit 60 educators for teaching at schools in Saxony-Anhalt.

This is what our cooperation partners say

"After submitting the requirement profiles, we were able to conduct numerous interviews within a very short time and fill vacancies shortly afterwards. The exchange with the Hays employees was always uncomplicated and friendly. The cooperation with Hays has been very successful indeed." (Andreas Mischke, Chairman of the Board, SABEL Schools Foundation)

Hays educator recruitment for all types of educational institutions

Our personnel consultancy for teachers supports all types of schools, whether state-run or privately owned, as well as all other educational institutions in Germany with recruiting educators to counter the shortage of educators.

This includes schools in the following areas:

  • primary (ISCED level 1) and special needs schools

  • lower secondary education (ISCED level 2)

  • upper secondary education (ISCED level 3)

  • vocational schools (ISCED level 4)

“Headhunter for teachers”
Bring expertise to your school 

We do not consider our work at Hays as "headhunters against teacher shortages", as reported about us by ZDF Panorama. This is because we focus on a personal approach, getting to know each other in a genuine way and providing continuous support for qualified personnel.

True to the motto, “Today’s expertise for tomorrow’s education”, we find exactly the teachers you need for your educational institution. Because we know: The expertise is there—we just have to find it. Translated into our recruitment it means: You tell us who you need, what qualifications and characteristics your future teacher should have, and we will take your requirements profile on a targeted search.

Thanks to our steadily growing talent pool we will soon present you with experts or international educators meeting your requirements



How you benefit from combatting the shortage of educators with Hays

✔ A dedicated contact, specialised in the educator recruitment

✔ Exact matching of the experts’ required and available qualifications

✔ Exciting candidates, national and international

✔ Collaborating with partners on an equal footing

✔ Our compensation: transparent and fair

✔ Recruitment for public and private schools and all other educational institutions (in Germany)

✔ Rapid response to performance peaks and absences through scalable pool of teachers

Reach out to interested parties where they interact: How educators take notice of us

Similar to job advertisements, we publish job applications for teachers on popular international job portals but also on social media. This helps to make foreign educators and national lateral entrants aware of working

Experts and international educators need to be trained

The experts we find stand out in particular with their many years of professional experience enabling them to enrich their lessons with very new aspects, e.g., from business. Our international educators also know other teaching methods, bringing cultural diversity to their schools’ cosmopolitanism. Pupils in particular will enjoy more exciting and diversified school days.

Despite the many advantages that experts and international teachers bring to the classroom, they may need—depending on their existing expertise—further training in, e.g., pedagogics and didactics. International educators also need to acquaint themselves with cultural differences and overcome language barriers. This further training can be done while preparing for the job or part-time. How you prepare the experts teaching at your educational institution is your choice.

We’ll be happy to advise you in a personal conversation and show you the options you have to bring experts as well as international educators up to scratch for teaching at your school.

Turning interested parties into educators

Intensive consultancy with our recruiting experts will answer initial questions and eases the way to applying at suitable schools. We check professional skills as well as fundamentals in didactics and pedagogics. After passing this test, we give qualified candidates access to vacancies so they can apply at state or private schools.

The application process at Hays

Before schools receive the applications from experts as well as international educators, our candidates go through the following process:

  1. 1  
  2. The candidates submit their applications to us.

  3. 2  
  4. We add them to our talent pool.

  5. 3  
  6. We conduct job interviews with the candidates, checking the requirements that are key for your school.

  7. 4  
  8. Suitable candidates submit their applications via the method you have specified.

  9. 5  
  10. You conduct your application process with the candidates and decide about your potential collaboration.

The future of educator recruitment

The numbers are clear: The shortage of educators is growing, and using teacher recruitment enables bridging key gaps in schools and educational institutions. Our talent pool is growing continuously, already amounting to over 2,000 experts as well as international educators in our system. Our collaboration with the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt is running until 2025. By then we expect a further increase in our success in educator recruitment to expand this success story to other federal states and educational institutions as well as state or private schools.

We are proud to be contributing to the academic education at schools in Germany and will be happy to advise you on our recruitment offering.

Finding teachers with Hays: We advise schools and federal states

Your federal state or (private) school will very likely experience an increasing shortage of teachers in the coming years? Our teacher recruitment has already successfully recruited international educators as well as national experts to schools where they can share their expertise with pupils. We’ll be happy to advise your federal state or private school about unconventional ways to finding new educators.

Our compensation: transparent and fair

Recruitment is expensive and yields no success? Far from it. Contracting us a recruiter for teachers means that private schools and federal states pay according to individually agreed conditions.

Our experience has shown that there can be no flat rates when recruiting educators. And our search is as individual as your requirements of experts as well as international educators. Our compensation is aligned to your requirements and wishes.

Education by Hays - because education can't wait.

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