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Our Matching Process

Here you can find out how our freelance placement process works, what steps we take and how we accompany you on your way to new, exciting projects.

Staffing process for freelance specialists

1. Analysis of qualifications

2. Telephone or personal interview

3. Contact with customers

4. Contract with Hays

  2. 1. Analysis of qualifications

    We will review your application documents and carry out a detailed analysis of your professional qualification.

  4. 2. Telephone or personal interview

    If any questions remain unanswered, a telephone or personal interview will follow between you and your contact person at Hays in order to be able to advise you better.

  6. 3. Contact with customers

    After matching your goals and qualifications with our customers' requirements, and upon your consent, we will present you to our customer. Then you will meet the customer in a personal interview.

  8. 4. Contract with Hays

    Once you have received a firm job offer and all relevant framework conditions with Hays have been agreed, you will be employed directly by the customer or, in case of a temporary employment, by Hays.

Are you looking for a new project? Hays supports you and stays by your side during the whole process!

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